1. Request money split finance search edit title contacts currency money request
    View Request money
    Request money
  2. Group View request profile date edit toggle share payment cancel pay reminder activity group
    View Group View
    Group View
  3. Article layout ux ui image orange article form mobile clean news typography share author
    View Article layout
    Article layout
  4. Detailed news page. news details next clean read text green image page webdesign website flat
    View Detailed news page.
    Detailed news page.
  5. Video page video content category player play grid simple clean
    View Video page
    Video page
  6. Grid Layout grid layout wip video timeline video player tiles categories menu
    View Grid Layout
    Grid Layout
  7. Pinboard posts ui ux student wip feed tasks projects jobs pinboard
    View Pinboard posts
    Pinboard posts
  8. Detailed Objective ui ux student wip feed tasks projects jobs pinboard
    View Detailed Objective
    Detailed Objective
  9. Music Event event project content album information profile location share read
    View Music Event
    Music Event
  10. Students Pinboard ui ux student panel design wip feed video tasks projects jobs pinboard
    View Students Pinboard
    Students Pinboard
  11. Record voice record voice button blue blur background animated web ui ux time progress pizza recorded gradient shadow highlight check microphone website work freelance user interface user experience long time no see web design
    View Record voice
    Record voice
  12. WIP of a video player. videoplayer video slider hd sd blue border images movie ui interface project progress loader preview psd background photo inspiration new
    View WIP of a video player.
    WIP of a video player.
  13. Boxes box carton tag price blue brown paper reflection
    View Boxes
  14. Boxy pallet wood glow blue box square reflection dark mini pixel shine personal project
    View Boxy
  15. Vidia player video player green up ui movie unfinished fullscreen timeline glyphs pause buffer settings
    View Vidia player
    Vidia player
  16. the Painter unfinished testing icon colour color supreme painter
    View the Painter
    the Painter
  17. Personal promotion poster. poster promotion cinema 4d photoshop water supreme core
    View Personal promotion poster.
    Personal promotion poster.
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