Grabient by unfold logo concept

November 09, 2018

I just saw recently @Damian Kidd 's and @Jeroen van Eerden 's shots with Grabient logo ideas and I was inspired to create this concept. It's an @Unfold 's product, so I thought that would be cool to create an abstract "g" using the Unfol...

Fitii logo design | Competitive fitness app

November 08, 2018

Hey guys, Here is logo design I did this year for Fitii, an fitness app based on competitive aspect with your friends. Whether you and your friends want to get in shape for a wedding, summer holiday or birthday celebration, you can creat...

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Logo for medical bill pay app | Paytient

October 23, 2018

Hey guys, here is one of final logo proposals for Paytient, a medical bill pay app. Paytient is a new payment option that replaces cash, credit cards or loans to cover unplanned out-of- pocket healthcare expenses.

Unicorn logo

October 15, 2018

Hey guys, I'm exploring some versions of my unused unicorn logo from archives for an ongoing project. Here is one of my favourite versions.

S for Swedish Floorball

October 02, 2018

Hey guys, here is approved logo for Swedish Floorball Federation . Logo is inspired by S letter for Sweden, Floorball Ball and Team Play.

Dialect icon (Metaphor Challenge)

September 26, 2018

Hey guys, I just decided to participate on @Denis's challenge! So here's the challenge. This is my metaphor for Dialect icon. 1. You can leave a comment to this post and I'll give you a tough (in my opinion) metaphor to develop. 2....

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M26 logo concept (wip)

September 26, 2018

Here is a logo concept I'm exploring for an ongoing project. Hope to share more details soon! :) Open for feedback!

M + Diamonds logo concept for a luxury brand (wip)

September 25, 2018

Hey guys, here is a logo concept I'm exploring for a luxury brand. Tried to combine the M monogram and diamonds. Happy to hear your thoughts about this concept! :)