V for Valentine | Share and expand love

February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day! Share and expand love! :)

Personal monogram (update)

February 14, 2019

Hey guys, Here is an update of my personal monogram exploration. Tried to give a bolder look and more vibrant flat color. Happy to hear your thoughts about this version.

Personal monogram 01

February 12, 2019

Hey guys, Tried to simplify my personal monogram and explore some color combinations. Here is one of first results. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome! :)

M + star logo concept

February 06, 2019

Hey guys, Here is a logo concept I did just for fun. Tried to combine the M letter and star. Happy to hear your thoughts about it and if you have seen something similar done before!

L + lightning bolt + S logo concept

February 04, 2019

Hey guys, Just saw a logo concept done by @Eugene MT for Leansights, and I really like the direction, but I was thinking how can I make the L letter more visible, also keeping in the same time lighting bolt and S letter visible. Here is...

Top 4 shots 2018

January 17, 2019

Thanks guys for your support! :) 2018 was my second year, here on Dribbble and literally I was addicted to sharing my works here. It really helped me become a better designer and stay motivated everyday, but not very good for my mental h...

Logo concept for personal trainer software

January 16, 2019

Hey guys, long time I didn't post on Dribbble and now I'm back with a new project I'm working on. Here is a logo proposal for rebranding of MY PT HUB, an online web and mobile app, enabling personal trainers and fitness professionals ...

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Grabient by unfold logo concept

November 09, 2018

I just saw recently @Damian Kidd 's and @Jeroen van Eerden 's shots with Grabient logo ideas and I was inspired to create this concept. It's an @Unfold 's product, so I thought that would be cool to create an abstract "g" using the Unfol...