PayJunction Home Responsive

January 17, 2019

The whole new PayJunction site is perfectly and beautifully responsive. We invested alot of time into making sure each breakpoint responds correctly.

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PJ Blog Headers

January 09, 2019

Some of the illustrations work we've done with Payjunction for their blog headers. Props to @Eddie Lobanovskiy @Ted Kulakevich and @Victor Korchuk (see attachement for more)

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PJ Illustration Design System

January 09, 2019

Hey Guys! Here is something we've put together half a year ago or so using figma components library! We constantly create loads of marketing collateral for PayJunction so this is super handy for the team to produce ongoing visuals. We'...

PJ Illustrations Elements

January 08, 2019

Howdy folks, here is a small preview of some of the elements we're using throughout our PJ illustrations. We are using figma library to sync with all of the team members to create ongoing marketing collateral for the blog and website. ...

PayJunction iOS

January 07, 2019

Happy Monday all. Here is a quick sneak peak of a case study we're putting together for our site of PayJunction. We were asked to build out their iOS app keeping things simple and easy to use. Feedback appreciated as always, SEE attach...

PJ Website LIVE

January 04, 2019

Happy Friday All, we worked hard on PayJunction's new marketing website last year. Be sure to check out the live site to explore it further! We are working on releasing a phase 2 of the project in a few months (expansion of the current ...

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PJ Animated Icons

November 09, 2018

Hey guys! Here's a little snippet of some animated icons we put together for the PayJunction project. Props to @Eddie Lobanovskiy for leading this project! Sorry the grays got lightened out but feel free to play with them on the LIVE S...

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PJ Responsive

October 26, 2018

Happy Friday Y'all! Here is a snippet of the responsive work that went into PayJunction for one of feature pages. We also added vertical padding guides for the devs to know the exact spacing between sections. Be sure to see the attache...

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