Experticity edu game ui

Experticity "Edu-Game" Quiz UI

November 18, 2016

A handful of months ago I worked with the awesome team at Experticity to design a native interface for their "Edu-Games" – essentially a fun and quick quiz to see how much knowledge was retained after finishing a training (and earning co...

Experticity dribbble

Experticity Case Study

August 14, 2016

As we've wrapped up our work with the awesome folks at Experticity, we're working on creating a case study that captures our mobile product design work for them. This is just an exercise in communicating potential interactions to our dev...

Experticity native training

Native Training for Experticity

February 05, 2016

Happy Friday, friends! One of the core features that Experticity provides its members is brand training, which currently exists only on the web and is non-responsive (lots of technical limitations here). The challenge for this project ...


Daily Three

January 26, 2016

An idea we proposed to give users three lessons they could take daily. Made with Underbelly



September 18, 2015

One of the success screen animations I threw together for the @Experticity app we are working on. We went with another option for the final app, but this was still fun to throw together in Quartz.

Great success!

April 10, 2015

While doing user research for the @Experticity app one of our takeaways was that users weren't aware of their status in their category communities and what they could achieve by upping their status. We created an obvious success indicato...

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Discounts for experts

March 26, 2015

This page is basically the motivation for using the @Experticity app, steep discounts on awesome brands. We still have a long way to go, stay tuned for post testing changes and improvements!

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It's an Experticity Profile

March 23, 2015

You've seen the wireframes we made with @Experticity now check out our start on the HiFi designs.