ueno. ClearMotion by ueno.

ClearMotion combines smart software and smart hardware to revolutionize car suspension. Ueno did the branding, marketing, and even a bit of product design.

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Developer Site of the Year Nomination

December 24, 2018

A project we worked hard on and the effort of the Ueno development team has not gone unnoticed. @Awwwards gave it a nomination for Developer Site of the Year! "The site is very media-heavy, with plenty of animations and interactions to...

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Awwwards Site of the Day for ClearMotion

March 15, 2018

Exciting news! Yesterday we won Site of the day on @Awwwards for the site we created for ClearMotion! Special thanks to everyone who worked on this : James, Kyle, Finnur, Valgeir, Robbin, Robin, Bjarni, Adrien, Valgeir, Grayden, Katie,...


ClearMotion: Safety features

March 08, 2018

Another section on the site where animation and motion graphics come together to explain the safety benefits of the ClearMotion system. OOOO and hold up. It's that time again! We submitted this project to AWWWARDS and we need your votes...

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Adapting to mobile: ClearMotion

March 07, 2018

Everything behaves a bit differently on mobile. For touch-based devices, we created some custom solutions. Press, tap, hold and play with it yourself. Cruise to www.clearmotion.com Want to know more? Check out the case study at www.u...


Stripping the layers.

March 07, 2018

Here we talk about the position of the ClearMotion Activalve. We had to use a lot of 3D animation in the site to go where no normal camera would be able to go. And to create interactions that would clarify things that in words or film wo...

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ClearMotion. An inside job

March 06, 2018

Like any sufficiently advanced technology, ClearMotion is indistinguishable from magic. To reveal how it works, we built detailed CGI models of the hardware, and created a series of interactions. Users can peel away the layers and see fo...

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Launch ClearMotion.com

March 05, 2018

We worked together with the great people at ClearMotion to bring their brand and product to life. The site features an array of animations and different interactive components to tell you more about the ClearMotion technology. Special t...

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