uber.design FOTD on TheFWA

August 08, 2017

Cock a doodle-doo! Uber.design also picks up an FWA. https://thefwa.com/cases/uberdesign Tired of 140 characters? Sign up for our newsletter: www.ueno.co/newsletter (don't worry... Pretty pictures included)


July 20, 2017

Wooohooo! uber.design gets a Site of the Day! great work from the team; @Gene Ross , @Adrien Thomas and the Dev team! Designing the pages was a lot of fun, but the footer is probably one of the favorite footers I ever designed...... Do...


Uber.design animation concept

April 10, 2017

Before landing on the final animation principle ( which you can see live www.uber.design ) we tried some different things. This was an idea where everything was based on vertical masking. Also attached a quick example how a hero would le...

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