June 08, 2018

Sensor Fusion product icon for Scale.

Navitas Organics

August 04, 2017


November 11, 2015

Icon design for Facebook's Notify app. Special thanks to Benjamin Dauer.


September 01, 2015

App icons for Robin, a new smartphone supercharged by the cloud.

John McGarvey

February 04, 2014

Icons for John McGarvey, a content professional and copywriter in London.

Bloomberg Markets

August 29, 2013

Series of icons for Bloomberg Markets. From left to right, the icons represent the following: Bankers, Thinkers, Policy Makers, Money Managers & Corporate Power Brokers.

Target Clinic

May 08, 2012

Recent illustration for Target Clinic created for Wink.


May 07, 2012

Here is one of several slideshow illustrations that I developed for carabi+co.