Music's Second Biggest Night - 2017 by Tyler Donnelly

Music's Second Biggest Night - 2017 Branding Package

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M2BN - RSVP Email

August 01, 2017

This email was designed an coded by me as a catch all for those who didn't receive the T-Shirt invite to the event. Just another repurpose of the branding elements.

M2BN - TShirt

August 01, 2017

This was the mockup of the shirt design for Music's Second Biggest night, just using the primary illustration without the other obvious hints to NYC.

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M2BN - Sticker Set

August 01, 2017

These were the stickers that were designed to seal the T-Shirt for the event.

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M2BN - Drink Board

August 01, 2017

This is the drink menu for Musics Second Biggest Night 2017. All the drink names are based on some of the biggest releases in music in the past year. Personally my favorite is Melondrama.

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Music's Second Biggest Night - Logo Treatment

June 17, 2017

A quick lock-up as a branding element for Gupta Media's yearly get together with clients. I'll post the poster after the party is over (can't give away all that location information). Cheers!