Tyler Buckley is a Board Certified Medical Oncologist specializing in cancer diagnosis, staging, and therapy. Tissue and liquid biopsies are used, as are radiologic investigations and genetic and molecular profiling, to build a precise and individualized cancer treatment plan for Dr Amirpour. To treat a variety of malignancies, Tyler Buckley administers chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted medicines. When it comes to cancer care, he works closely with both surgical and radiation oncologists.

Tyler Buckley is a board-certified haematologist specializing in diagnosing, treating, and preventing blood and cancer-related disorders. In addition to treating leukaemias, he also treats Hodgkin's lymphomas, non-lymphomas, Hodgkin's plasma cell diseases such as multiple myeloma, and bone marrow failure syndrome. Anemias, such as iron deficiency and myeloproliferative illnesses, are among Tyler Buckley's specialities, as are blood clotting and bleeding problems.

Wenatchee, Washington, USA

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