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A little postcard like idea I had for the contact section. Still a lot of tweaking left but I like where this is going. PS: You can view the larger shot via...

December 06, 2012

Pulse 3.0 is here!

We just launched Pulse 3.0 with a brand new sidebar navigation, unlimited pages and a shiny new app icon by @Stuart Norrie. Also Pulse is now a universal app...

November 08, 2012


Introducing Pulse for Web

We finally launched Pulse for Web. Check it out at http://pulse.me

August 09, 2012

Whats next

What's next?

We just launched this teaser page for a new Pulse experience. Check the live version here: http://www.pulse.me/coming-soon PS: We do have the copyright to a...

July 18, 2012



March 17, 2012


Pulse Infographic

Worked on this infographic for our year end review at Pulse http://blog.pulse.me/post/16146377430/1m-to-11m-users-in-2011

January 26, 2012

Pulse dribbble

I am joining Pulse

So happy to be finally able to announce it. Thanks so much for all the guidance that this community has given me. Everything from feedback to likes to "no-li...

June 25, 2011



Bringing flat interfaces to iOS. Have not been able to find lot of examples of this. If you know of some, please add to this question on Quora: http://qr.a...

May 25, 2011