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A smart to-do list for teams and individuals that helps organize meetings and tasks.

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GipsyBot — Create Task [iOS]

September 26, 2019

👋 Hey! There goes the final shot of the series! This is the cherry on top - the mobile task creation! ⚡️ What was the challenge? I’ve already mentioned the challenges of designing GipsyBot for mobile devices in the previous shot. Long ...

GipsyBot — Today [iOS]

September 25, 2019

🌚 Hello again. Having the proof of concept of the previously presented views, we could confidently translate that UI into iOS. Apart from defining the overall navigation, we found an opportunity to improve some features so they would fi...

GipsyBot — Onboarding

September 24, 2019

👻 Boo! After a few months of working on a desktop app, you’re always waiting for this time to come. iOS App is always a breakthrough and very pleasant to work on. No matter if you’re working on a quick MVP - as we were here - or fully f...

GipsyBot — Task

September 23, 2019

👨🏻‍🚀 Hello there! There’s a limited space for task information we can display directly on the list. Also, we wanted to encourage the users to move their communication – and that means a complex, detailed task view. ⚡️ What was the chal...

GipsyBot — Concepts

September 20, 2019

🙆‍♂️ What’s up! During our work on the product we often took some time to focus on more conceptual work. We would often find challenges that the product faces at a strategic level and propose bold solutions. Thanks to that, we were able...

GipsyBot — Today

September 19, 2019

🌝 Hello fellow Dribbblers! Let’s dive into the product’s essentials, shall we? In order to keep track of all the tasks and meetings that are happening at the moment, GipsyBot presents the user’s schedule using a clear and organized ti...

GipsyBot — Gmail Extension

September 18, 2019

🥖 Bonjour! You didn’t think I was done, did u? Another day, another Gipsy shot — some visuals this time! ⚡️ What was the challenge? You may think that’s a pretty straightforward job — add some colors, gradients, and you’re done! Well, ...

GipsyBot — Handshake

September 17, 2019

🌞 Morning! It’s been over a year since I started working on GipsyBot. My initial pitch helped the product land in the right hands. Yeah, you're right. We kicked other agencies’ asses at a very early stage! Quite a ride, that year! ⚡️ W...