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  1. 29 Apr
    Tom Still
    Commented on Haven Offers

    @Cam Runcie Looks good :) Which elements were you involved with, or was it the whole thing?

    Might be worth checking the title tag - looks like it might have been missed (eek!).

  2. 3 Mar
    Tom Still
    Commented on NatWest Banking Concept

    I like it, but I think the main navigation needs far, far, far more prominence on it. It's quite subtle (which visually looks neat) but this is of huge importance to a wide variety of people - many of which have serious accessibility needs.

    In fact, that extends to the entire concept - it's beautiful but it needs to be absolutely spot on in terms of accessibility, form and function. This category of design is extremely tough due to the diversity of users (think of all the people that use a bank!). Right now, I could expose a selection of user groups and user cases that would find this concept a nightmare.

    I haven't seen the live NatWest site so I'm going in blind with this critique. But it's worth keeping in mind. The NatWest website may entirely suck, but at the same time I wouldn't mind betting there were thousands of man hours and hundreds of tight constraints in place, that may make you view certain decisions in a different way.

    Just to be clear, it's beautiful, and I understand that you couldn't possibly consider everything I've raised without proper (in-depth) knowledge, testing, etc etc. Visually, lovely.

  3. 27 Feb
    Tom Still
    Commented on Inbox

    These are really nice concepts - shame they won't be developed any further. Is there a particular reason? Or is it just being taken in a different direction?

    The UI reminds me a lot of Dropbox (which is never a bad thing), super clean and very usable.

    On a side note, I'm also working on something similar that will involve activity streams / a level of social networking.

    Nice to see some Farmer magic popping up on my Dribbble stream (we're well overdue a catchup!).