Tommy perez create wonder

Create Wonder

June 25, 2019

Made a quick little animated title slide for an upcoming talk with my Creative Morning friends!

OFFF Festival "Totem" Book

April 25, 2019

Stoked to have been asked to contribute a piece to OFFF Barcelona’s 19th book, entitled “Totem”. A Totem is an object of power, it's that thing that works as fuel and inspiration for creators. My Totem piece description: So many things ...

Tommy perez exploded waffle

Exploded Brunch

May 14, 2018

Made this lil' exploded view of a brunchy sandwich for funsies. :) Happy Monday!

Kwik-Krafts / 9.29.14 / National Coffee Day

September 30, 2014

Made this hotty for National Coffee Day. Personally, I think everyday is coffee day, but that's just me. *Big guy attached

Kwik-Krafts / 8.19.14 / NES Controller

September 23, 2014

* Don't mind me, still trying to catch up and share some of the stuff I've been posting over on Instagram. Just playing around with an idea. Cutting monoweight script out of paper is hard. Everything is paper, except for the "with" and ...

Kwik-Krafts / 8.10.14 / Paper Pizza Party

September 17, 2014

* I've been spending a lot of time on Instagram and neglecting my Dribbble account. I wanted to catch up and share some of the stuff I've been posting over there. "99 cheese pizza and hidden Orange Crush?!" Made this after I watched the...

Kwik-Krafts / 7.23.14 / National Hotdog Day

July 23, 2014

Quick little kraft in honor of this great day! * Large guy attached.

Kwik-Krafts / 4.25.14 / Motorola DYNATAC 8000x

April 25, 2014

Keeping with the idea of paper handhelds and the fact that I've been watching a lot of Saved By The Bell lately. I decided to make a paper version of Zack's cell phone, the Motorola DYNATAC 8000x. *Check out the attachment for scale.