Gamification Modal

October 15, 2018

Modal's design for a creation of a new battle in a Gamification Platform.

Gamification Backoffice

October 13, 2018

Some screen of a Gamification Backoffice: manage users, battles, quests, datas and statistics. Hope you like this

Gamification Backoffice

October 09, 2018

Login design for a Gamification's backoffice

Gamification Public Dashboard

September 25, 2018

Public dashboard of a battle's gamification.

Gamification App

September 24, 2018

Here some screen of Gamification App.

Gamification Backoffice

September 23, 2018

Here a shot whit a screen battle's management and a modal step to creat a new battle Hope you like it

Gamification Backoffice

September 22, 2018

Backoffice' design of a Gamification Platform: user managment, create, manage and statistics's battles, player's ranking.

Gamification App

July 08, 2018

Home and Activity screen for a Gamification App