Mover Emoji

March 01, 2018

I made some icons for a mover rating system. And yes, the movers wear headbands.


Messenger Bot

February 05, 2018

RIP chatbots 🙏 I had an idea a while back that involved my client leveraging Facebook Messenger to help their customers book home moves. The customer would simply start a conversation and walk through their move step-by-step using AI an...

Your smartest move

December 20, 2017

Landing page concept for a moving company I'm working with. I've blurred some of the image and stripped the site of branding to keep anonymity. Some ideas made it to the final version.

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Moving Co.

January 10, 2017

Some product shots for a moving app I designed. The app is used internally for movers to claim jobs, get paid, clock in and complete other tasks. I used 'Moving Co.' as a placeholder name to keep business anonymity.

Order Details and My Info

July 07, 2016

Here are two shots from an app I've been working on. The iPhone screen shows where a mover would edit their information. The Nexus screen shows order details and how they might claim a job. Both apps function for the same purposes but a...

Available Job

March 25, 2016

Unused iOS concept for a moving service. This screen allows the movers to login and claim jobs.