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  1. 19 Jul Pro
    TJ Kohli
    Commented on Message Board UI

    I agree with @Vincenzo Petito. It's not a clear interaction. I wouldn't recommend moving the avatar slightly off screen, because that looks like it's broken or that the user's screen isn't wide enough.

  2. 6 Jun Pro
    TJ Kohli
    Followed Jason Wu.
  3. 29 May Pro
    TJ Kohli
    Added Instagram to the Icons & Logos bucket.
  4. 29 May Pro
    TJ Kohli
    Commented on Huddle expanded logomark

    This is beautiful! Great colors, nice line forms.

    You make me proud!

  5. 27 May Pro
    TJ Kohli
    Commented on Sound Creation Logo Design

    It's nice!! But one small thing — it reminds me of dumbbells (with the bar and the weights on the sides). Thankfully it's an easy fix! You can randomize the size of the amplitude a bit