Thuy Gia Nguyen Thyme by Thuy Gia Nguyen

Thyme is a modern kitchen timer app designed with simplicity and intuitivity in mind. Coming to the App Store X-mas 2013!

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Thyme - Android Notifications icon

January 20, 2014

We´re working on some notifications stuff that will make the use of Thyme easier on Android devices. This will be included in the next update. If you´re an Android user and haven´t gotten the app yet:

Thyme - For Android

January 16, 2014

Droids of the earth! We are excited to announce that Thyme for Android is now available on Google Play! H001010010000ray! Get it here:

Thyme - For Android

January 10, 2014

We´re excited to announce that we are just around the corner on an Android version that is ready for all you droids out there. Soon you can time your delicious food as delicately as iOS users. This is not the icon in itself. Simply just...

Thyme - Web

December 16, 2013

Another little teaser on out nice little baby, but this time on a teaser webpage. It´s quite a simple and clean page. We´re working on getting some text in as it might be nice to describe what the app does. Hopefully we´ll also get a sec...

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Thyme - Grab it while it´s hot

December 16, 2013

It´s finally out in the App Store! We´re very proud to announce that Thyme is now officially released into the wild, ready for all your festive cooking. It will temporarily be free until 2014. So grab it while it´s hot and free. Downloa...

Thyme - Kitchen Stove

December 12, 2013

Another little teaser from out new soon-to-come-out app. This is the main screen where you see your kitchen stove and which timers are set. Totally useful! All feedback is always much appreciated :) It´s soon Thyme...

Thyme timer

December 09, 2013

Another little teaser of our now Apple approved app called "Thyme" coming out sometime next week :) Say hello to our clean little timer.

Principles Of Good Design

December 06, 2013

Another little teaser from out new app coming out this X-mas. I have tried hard to nail as many of Dieter Rams Ten Principles of Good Design as possible into the design of Thyme. I would say that the app is ✔︎ Innovative ✔︎ Useful ✔︎ ...