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by Dennis Eusebio

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Always Summer 2016 Final Poster

Made some refinements after some more feedback. The concept is instead of just choosing one song, I made an entire mixtape and so the poster just focuses on ...

September 06, 2016

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Design Mixtape 6

Should be doing a lot of other things right now, but it's been awhile. https://soundcloud.com/thoughtandtheory/design-mixtape-6 Pell 20syl Starslinger Keli...

May 13, 2015

Always Summer 2013 Mixtape

https://soundcloud.com/thoughtandtheory/always-summer-2013 Put together a mixtape for the upcoming AIGA Always Summer show on the 28th at CoRK. The show was...

September 15, 2013

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Design Mix 5

Put this together around January and haven't had much time to finish things up since working at @path_to. It sounds like if chill wave and indie music was mo...

June 12, 2012

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Design Mixtape 4

Because I'll never get a designers.mx invite, lol. Some solid songs from the summer that I used in sets here and there. Download the Mix http://www.mediafi...

January 04, 2012

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Design Mixtape 3

A series of tracks from bands I got to see at SXSW '11 and other randomness from friends. Took a Paul Rand angle at this cover. Got to play around with a Tra...

May 17, 2011

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Dribble vol2

Design Mixtape 2

Finally finished this mixtape. Little bit of a change-up of songs. Sorry for the delay. Preview Mix: http://www.mixcloud.com/thoughtandtheory/tt-design-mix-...

April 02, 2011

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Design Mixtape 2

Playing around with the second cover. Can you guess the design reference?

February 08, 2011