Dirbble ch

Cloud Hopper

May 05, 2011

Cloud Hopper was a celebrity check-in driven travel guide. It was a concept produced for Kanye. Unfortunately at the time, that type of sharing was not as popular as it is now. Too early for it's time I guess.

Dribbble trilytruly

Trilly & Truly

May 05, 2011

Another one for Lupe. This was for his clothing label. I had a concept of using a fluid grid that showed inspirational pieces intertwined with actual clothing. Funny enough, that design found a home on my collection page on T&T.

Dribble wearelaser

We Are Lasers

May 05, 2011

Infographic site for Lupe Fiasco that would draw connections between twitter and fb users who subscribed to the manifesto of the album. Feel like I was pushing these concepts a bit too early.

Dribble lupe

1st and 15th

May 05, 2011

Concept I made for Lupe Fiasco's record label. It was my take on how a record label website should be. Never saw the light of day :(

Dribble constellation


May 04, 2011

Never made it through but I really started to like the direction this was heading in.