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  1. 4 Aug
    Thomas Britton
    Followed Atlassian.
  2. 3 Aug
    Thomas Britton
    Commented on Stackoverflow redesign

    Whilst this is quite pretty, it's not a great deal better from what they are like currently.

    If I'm being brutally honest, I'd still probably prefer the current design, as yours isn't much better in telling you at a glance if questions have answers which is probably most of the reason people go to use stackoverflow.

  3. 1 Aug
    Thomas Britton
    Commented on homepage wireframe

    This is so far beyond a wireframe it's quite crazy to still refer to this a wireframe.

    You've got so much layout and components already layed out in such way that it wouldn't really work half as well if you wanted to move them.

    Still, very pretty though.

  4. 27 Jul
    Thomas Britton
    Commented on Grand Teton

    These would be really awesome if you were able to purchase these as real material labels :)