Foolious – Main Site

February 13, 2013

More work in progress for Foolious. Check out the full-view for the actual pixels. It's already coded and implemented. Though, I'm looking for some feedback. I'm using a serif font for the blog because it's more pleasant to read, especi...

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Discovery – Theme for Foolious

January 30, 2013

More work in progress for @stayfoolious. Can we please stop with all the flat vs. skeumorphwhatever arguments? Let's look at projects as an opportunity to experiment with design-styles to find the one that suits the project best, not th...

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January 09, 2013

Hey guys, As some of you may know, I worked on Millwire last year, with a couple great chaps. Though, the team fell apart before we could ship the project due to different visions with the project. Now Martti Laine and I are working on ...

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