1. 2018 in Review

  2. Time tracking projects on iOS

  3. Order Pickup & Delivery Flow

  4. Publications Selection on Mobile

  5. Zero waste certification badge

  6. Business cards for a recycling startup

  7. Portfolio Design for web

  8. Cars24.com homepage redesign

  9. News Aggregator App Concept

  10. Concept: Online Ordering Menu

  11. Concept: Chaayos Online Ordering Page

  12. Current Session for Data Sharing App

  13. Login via Phone Number

  14. Oyo Rooms Dashboard, Edit Booking Concept

  15. Oyo Rooms Dashboard, Booking Concept

  16. Parallel Intersections Podcast Artwork

  17. Redesign of The Times of India Mobile Website

  18. Multi-Language Selection on Mobile

  19. Gadgets Now News/Article Page

  20. Gadgets Now Mobile Web

  21. Gadgets Now Home Page

  22. Points of Interests on Map

  23. Magicbricks Website Redesign Concept

  24. Fullscreen Interactive Mobile Ad

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