1. City of Angels Monogram Tee type industrial vintage design monogram clean icon simple illustration typography los angeles shirt
    City of Angels Monogram Tee
  2. Rawr! cat screenprint screen print illustration design cover clean simple panther minimal texture
  3. Icon Party custom microphone pawn icon globe screenprint design illustration simple clean offset minimal
    Icon Party
  4. City by the Bay san francisco bay area illustration monogram design type typography industrial vintage simple
    City by the Bay
  5. Death Called logo typography texture design illustration industrial screenprint icon death motorcycle custom type
    Death Called
  6. Chicago Monogram Tee chicago design logo monogram icon industrial shirt vintage simple texture illustration city
    Chicago Monogram Tee
  7. The Hideout SXSW gig poster screenprint design texture icon bus sxsw simple clean illustration minimal
    The Hideout SXSW
  8. City of Big Shoulders Tee vintage city chicago monogram design texture shirt simple retro industrial icon illustration
    City of Big Shoulders Tee
  9. Magical Musical Bus Rides screenprint clean design illustration simple minimal texture lines modern wip icon print
    Magical Musical Bus Rides
  10. King's Eye Sweatshirt cotton illustration icon simple design logo eye screenprint clean sweatshirt shirt bureau
    King's Eye Sweatshirt
  11. King's Eye on Cotton Bureau illustration shirt icon logo design simple halftone screenprint screen clean cotton bureau
    King's Eye on Cotton Bureau
  12. Red Rock Sun screenprint simple texture illustration design clean icon wip lines halftone mountain tree
    Red Rock Sun
  13. Here's lookin' at you... skull halftone simple texture icon screenprint vintage person illustration rough layers design
    Here's lookin' at you...
  14. Lost in the Light illustration simple clean wip person screenprint texture rough icon vintage
    Lost in the Light
  15. The Tetris Moving Co. tetris simple illustration screenprint clean lines icon art deco texture grit skull
    The Tetris Moving Co.
  16. Creep Skull skull simple clean death teeth lines color motorcycle screenprint texture illustration design
    Creep Skull
  17. Garol garol illustration clean simple lines broad city minimal comedy transparent screenprint
  18. SHP Shipping lincoln hall texture clean simple minimal woman factory
    SHP Shipping
  19. IGA Monogram monogram identity lockup logo simple clean lines basic
    IGA Monogram
  20. King eye crown halftone simple lines king logo eyeball clean icon
  21. Riot Fest '14 Shirt Design flag riot fest shirt apparel texture design coffin dirty riot fest
    Riot Fest '14 Shirt Design
  22. Wild Beats Poster wild beasts gig poster screenprint art simple
    Wild Beats Poster
  23. Human Cannonball illustration simple human clean stuntman riot fest illustrator
    Human Cannonball
  24. Dry Eyes texture typography grit dirty rough dry eyes
    Dry Eyes
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