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by Graham Smith

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Kappa Flow Logo Design

One of a few unused client logo ideas that I've repurposed For Sale. The current name, "kappflow", is made-up, so can be renamed with anything starting wit...

August 06, 2016

TP PT (Initials) Typographic Logo Design For Sale

PT TP Initials Logo Design For Sale This PT TP logo for sale is based on the initials P and T, but given the relative positions of the letters, both versions...

July 16, 2015

Medical Logo Design By The Logo Smith

Unused logo design concept for AXS Health, now being made available as a 'Logo Design for Sale'.

June 22, 2015

QuadType Logo Design By The Logo Smith

Current Logo In Process Simple monogram of sorts based on 4 rotated stylised T's. This will be for sale, also included: customisation of the wording, colour...

April 27, 2015