Internxt X Logo Design By The Logo Smith 1 Copy

April 20, 2018

This idea for the X-mark takes a nod from a typical fastforward/next chapter icon on DVD remotes, so ties in with their existing tag-line of, "Experience what's Next" It's created from chiseling out a negative space arrow, which uses t...

Internxt Logo & Rebrand Design By The Logo Smith

April 03, 2018

Another rebrand project currently in progress... trying to find a ‘unique’ way to style an ‘X’ which isn’t at all easy, but feeling hopeful with this possible direction.

TouchStart Performance Logo Design By The Logo Smith

March 08, 2018

Logo & Brand Identity Project in Process, for TouchStart Performance™ Working on trying to hone a stylised initial S from two fingers.

Spehleon Logo Design

February 26, 2018

Few logo design variations for an app designer whose name derived from a lemon, and wanted some visual nod to that end without being too gimmicky. Also a subtle ref to the initial S

Taxi Ride Hailing App Icon & Logo Design

January 24, 2018

Some minor tweaks to VOYA. Curving of the corners of the ‘flag’, consistent shape V for logo mark and initial V, and different font for comparison.

Taxi Ride Hailing App Icon & Brand Logo Design

January 23, 2018

Exploring a few ideas integrating a sort of taxi flag/pop-out sign on top right of the initial V. Much like the US school buses have the flip-out warning signs, this is like a flag version of that. For spacing and placement, I’ve spli...

Male Fertilisation Laboratory & Clinic Logo Mark Concept

January 12, 2018

Early exploratory Logo Mark work for a UK based Male Fertilisation Clinic and Lab.

Morgan Williams Racing Logo Designed By The Logo Smith

December 15, 2017

One of a few possible logo design ideas that we are currently exploring, for Morgan Williams Racing. Really excited by this one!