Web Tools Console

January 03, 2016

Coming to Web Tools in a few weeks is a JavaScript Console to join the Inspector. Two powerful tools that allow you to do more on your iPad and iPad Pro.

Upcoming Tab Bar for Web Tools

December 20, 2015

Coming to Web Tools 1.1 in January is a full JavaScript console. Here is the interface-in-progress for switching between the two panels: Inspector and Console. Web Tools 1.0.1 is out right now and on sale for $5.99! A web inspector for ...


December 16, 2015

Just launched Web Tools this morning. A web inspector for iPad. As more professionals move to iOS, tools will need to come too. For front-end web developers, the inspector is a crucial tool in our box. And now we finally have one on iPad...

Web Tools - Website

December 14, 2015

Working on the website for the soon-to-launch iPad app, Web Tools. Designed in Autodesk Graphic on iPad, soon to be built with Coda and Web Tools on iPad as well.

Web Tools - Icons

December 09, 2015

Some of the icons that I designed for the upcoming Web Tools app. I really like how they turned out.

Web Tools

December 06, 2015

Getting ready to release this very soon, so I thought I'd share the first full shot on Dribbble. More information coming soon.

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