Early 2.0 Interface Work

August 02, 2017

Very early work on a 2.0 app design.

Web Tools: Rest

March 12, 2016

After taking a month off from this, I've found another itch to scratch. With my job being full-time iOS development over the last 3 weeks, I have been spending a ridiculous amount of time in a REST Client on my Mac, reading JSON and test...

Web Tools Drop-Downs

March 10, 2016

Some buttons for an upcoming update to Web Tools.

Size Selector

January 30, 2016

Shipping this soon! Easily pick a screen width for responsive testing. Do you want to use an iPad for web development? I'm working to remove all excuses! Check it out! http://ergowebtools.com

What’s New Screen

January 11, 2016

The new “What’s New” screen from Web Tools 1.1. With many iOS devices set to auto-update apps, informing your customers what has changed has to be brought into your app.