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February 16, 2017

Finally finished up some work on Whalemail with the team at @52inc. Really excited that some of this can see the light of day. Feel as though it balances brand personality with concise UX flows. Really feel as though I hit my stride and ...


February 01, 2017

Finishing up the marketing site for an upcoming product for a transactional email service. Pretty excited about the direction of the site, particularly for the Features page. The UI isn't the only thing I'm pretty amped about, but also t...

Whale mark v4

December 23, 2016

Another, less successful alternate that initially posed some strong option initially, but had some issues in execution. This little guy looked less like a whale and more like a largemouth bass, ultimately resulting in him getting the axe...

Whale mark v3

December 22, 2016

Since the project is related to transactional emails, I tried to work an envelope flap into the tail's counter form (long live the Hartford Whalers!). Works fairly well in recognition, but think it just lacked a decent amount of personal...

Whale mark v2

December 22, 2016

An unselected mark for an unmentionable whale thing

Whale logomark

December 19, 2016

Finishing up the final mark for a client project related to emails. Way too many options and research done on types of whales, but overall rather stoked on it. I was really aiming for "adorable and derpy" here. More splashing good times ...

Whale splash

December 01, 2016

Teaser for a "splash" page (see what I did there) for a whale themed web app for emails. Page designed solely for lead generation, but pretty satisfied with the personality the system and brand is already taking (come on...look at that w...

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