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Dashboard Concept

January 23, 2019

Partially used concept to update the visuals and functionality within the dashboard. Some of the goals were to add more context to what the user had and what other solutions we could offer, along with highlighting some informational cont...

Application Format

December 17, 2018

The application workflow for signing up was one of the longer and more iterative sections I got to focus on. Attached are some of the various forms it's taken over time, adjustings and making changes based on testing and feedback. The in...

Fabric Secondary Pages

September 21, 2018

Secondary pages created from the new homepage refresh. This was a great start to build overall style and layout patterns which will later be used in our component/style library.

Fabric Homepage

September 14, 2018

Finally getting around to sharing some long overdue work I've done with Fabric! They are a life insurance company aimed at young families. Fabric makes signing up super easy (no stacks of paper documents to deal with!). Life insurance i...