Testimonials from Dribbblers and talent seekers

  1. “Because of the work I had posted to Dribbble, I ended up landing my dream job at Apple as a Senior UI Designer.”

    Robert Padbury

  2. “Don’t underestimate the power of Dribbble. Over $800K of our 2013 revenue was tied to people finding us there.”

    Erik Reagan, Focus Lab

  3. “Being listed as ‘available for work’ on Dribbble almost brings too many requests for work. Insane how active that place is.”

    Clark Wimberly

  4. “Dribbble is more than a social network to me. It's my source of inspiration and feedback, where I practice my skills and improve, and where I can freely express myself in the best form possible, designing.”

    Damian Hernandez

  5. “The quality and response speed of a Dribbble job posting is truly remarkable. We will definitely be using you guys again!”

    Edward Wisniewski, Radish Lab

  6. “Today I received job offers from NYC, San Francisco, and Copenhagen, DK all from Dribbble. So thankful for this wonderful service!”

    Matt Olpinski

  7. “Dribbble has been more than instrumental in getting my career anywhere close to where it is today.”

    Ryan Hamrick

  8. “From the very beginning Dribbble had been a super hero for all creative souls across the world. It has played a significant role in polishing our creative knowledge.”

    Prabhash Choudhary

  9. “Just wanted to tell you that Dribbble has been the best tool ever for finding work. I get awesome, legit inquiries all the time.”

    Ben Gold

  10. “For What It’s Worth™ our Dribbble job post yielded the best applicants.”

    Nate Kerksick

  11. “Nearly 100 job applicants so far from the Dribbble job listing. Lots of great candidates, excited about possibility of working with one.”

    Philip Lester

  12. “Thank you, Dribbble, for inspiring me to create every day and for introducing me to a network of encouraging, wickedly talented artists.”

    Tom McQuaid

  13. “Happy and proud to be a part of the Austin web community—but also happy that Dribbble exists. Without it, Happy Cog would never have found me. It is changing our industry and making connections all over the place.”

    Sophie Shepherd

  14. “Thanks to Dribbble, I was able to become freelancer [with] 3-4 work enquiries every week. I have never been happier in my career life. With Dribbble I not only get a lot of work, but also a huge motivation to showcase my work.”

    Tomáš Zeman

  15. “Dribbble has been a really good networking tool for me. Really great platform for designers and Illustrators!”

    Derrick Castle

  16. “Interesting side effect of having a Dribbble account is that it makes me want to design more, and design better.”

    Joshua Howland

  17. “A Dribbble Pro account is worth it's weight in gold - so much freelance work coming from the site”

    Murat Mutlu

  18. “12 work enquiries in 2 days. That $20 for a Dribbble account is the best $20 you can spend if you are a designer.”


  19. “Because of Dribbble I managed to increase my profit more then 10 times in just a year. It was the most amazing experience of my life and I am still living it! Thank you guys for keeping the Dribbble community alive!”

    Claudiu Cioba

  20. “I recently moved to LA from Florida and I've had steady freelance work all thanks to Dribbble. Best investment I've made was becoming Pro.”

    Shane Waite

  21. “Just renewed my Dribbble Pro account! I've honestly received most of my new and best clients from 2013 because of that account.”

    Brent Galloway

  22. “90% of my contracts come from clients who have seen my work on Dribbble.”

    Marie Bergeron

  23. “Every job inquiry for the past year has come from people looking on Dribbble. I thank you guys for making it so easy for me to get feedback. I LOVE YOU!”

    Jeff Broderick

  24. “We’ve used Dribbble to find great designers. The quality of the work that’s on Dribbble is fantastic.”

    Wolf T-Shirts

  25. “Through the number and quality of inquiries for freelance work I’ve gotten, Dribbble has proven itself to me as a valuable self promotion asset and well worth the investment to go Pro.”

    Bryan Connor

  26. “Dribbble has created one of the most engaging design communities. Furthermore, they've created one of the best job boards around.”

    Shaun Moynihan

  27. “My site traffic and phone calls have dramatically increased since I began using Dribbble as a big part of my portfolio. It’s easy for me to update.”

    David Stewart

  28. “It is an essential part of my process, helping me shape my portfolio in order to get my awesome new job by thinking about how I present my work simply & in bite-sized chunks.”

    Chloe Kirton

  29. “My work was spotted on Dribbble by my employer, who had been searching the site for local designers. I was then asked to visit the agency offices for an informal interview and was offered the job straight away!”

    Will Barron

  30. “Because of Dribbble I’ve had multiple job offers. It’s how I ended up landing a dream job in Austin, TX designing exclusively for mobile devices! I love my new job and it’s all thanks to Dribbble!”

    Brian Benitez

  31. “Thanks to Dribbble, I, a young designer from a small town in Utah, was able to connect, collaborate, and hire all star designers from around the world to help me with my startup.”

    Garrett Gee

  32. “I used to rummage through my browser bookmarks to source freelance design talent. Now my first port of call is Dribbble. The majority of contracts for external designers has come from people I follow on Dribbble. Win!”

    Adam Glynn-Finnegan, Evernote

  33. “I get about 3 new requests a day. All from Dribbble. They’re also the best clients. They obviously know where to look and respect the designer.”

    Jonno Riekwel

  34. “Dribbble helped establish myself as an indie designer…I get at least 1 proposal per week.”

    Phillipp Rappold

  35. “We regularly keep an eye out for stunning designs on Dribbblewhich has resulted in us discovering and hiring several exceptional designers via the site.”

    Ed Ireson, Mutual Mobile

  36. “As a direct result of Dribbble membership, I’ve had the opportunity to work on the types of projects that excite me the most. I’m grateful for the exposure, the community and the inspiration.”

    Jory Raphael

  37. “If Dribbble were a match-making site there would be no need to ever shave again. It simply makes connecting with clients and other like-minded people as easy as putting on your pants in the morning.”

    Josh Hemsley

  38. “Dribbble, above all else, offers a high concentration of work by extremely talented people who ‘get it.’ Using traditional methods to hire has its place, but using dribbble to find great people takes a fraction of the time.”

    Matt Donovan

  39. “I’ve gotten several freelance job offers from people that found me through Dribbble, and I’m very grateful for that!”

    Yassine Bentaieb

  40. “It totally changed my way of showing my work. I’m recieving a lot of email from new clients though Dribbble, because they can see what I am currently working on.”

    Martin Karasek

  41. “We decided to out-source our logo rebrand to someone who specialised in such and found [someone] via Dribbble who did the perfect job.”

    Joey Rabbitt

  42. “With Dribbble I can post screenshots of everything I’m working on. It’s great how many freelance requests I’ve gotten from it.”

    Jon Rundle

  43. “Displaying my work on dribbble has opened up amazing opportunities and a constant inflow of inquiries from both respected companies and interesting start-ups. The shot format is perfect to show tidbits of current projects in detail while still keeping things under wraps.

    Sascha Michael Trinkaus

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