1. Sacred Heart Animation animation animated icon icon god divine catholicism faith prayer pray worship religion thorns jesus jesus christ christian church cross hearts sacred heart
    View Sacred Heart Animation
    Sacred Heart Animation
  2. Southwest Road Trip Animation 2danimation ae aftereffects faux 3d 2d scenery landscape outdoors nature sunny vacation perspective travel hot desert road trip road roadtrip southwest
    View Southwest Road Trip Animation
    Southwest Road Trip Animation
  3. Red Carpet Walk cameras paparazzi red carpet character walk duik bassel duik rigging character rigging ae after effects character animation walk cycle walkcycle walk
    View Red Carpet Walk
    Red Carpet Walk
  4. Coffee or Tea? cheers liquid 2d cute espresso green tea motiongraphics motion design 2danimation character animation wake up tired monday drinks caffeine characterdesign character tea coffee
    View Coffee or Tea?
    Coffee or Tea?
  5. Brief and Incomplete History of 2020 Part 2 ae gif animation masks earth sickness coronavirus covid19 covid-19 covid pandemic 2020
    View Brief and Incomplete History of 2020 Part 2
    Brief and Incomplete History of 2020 Part 2
  6. Brief and Incomplete History of 2020 Part 1 ae gif after effects animation natural disaster pandemic politics koalas wildfires bushfires australia locusts 2020
    View Brief and Incomplete History of 2020 Part 1
    Brief and Incomplete History of 2020 Part 1
  7. Monday Text Melt ae looping animation looping gif melting kinetic typography kinetictype typography animated text mondays monday
    View Monday Text Melt
    Monday Text Melt
  8. Deep Breathing duik bassel duik character animation mentalhealth after effects project animation yogi calming calm namaste meditation breathing
    View Deep Breathing
    Deep Breathing
  9. Late Night Ramen udon cartoon whimsmical cute life happy snack adobe illustrator flat design muted colors negative space noodles asian food foodie food girl characterdesign illustration eating ramen
    View Late Night Ramen
    Late Night Ramen
  10. Under the Moon and Stars nature summer beach whimsical simple design adobe illustrator muted colors negative space flat design mood happy swimming bathing suit illustration girl character girl relax floating ocean water
    View Under the Moon and Stars
    Under the Moon and Stars
  11. My Personal Raincloud lost alone blue mood emotions loneliness depression anxiety raining cloud muted colors negative space flatdesign cute girl illustration character raincloud rain sad
    View My Personal Raincloud
    My Personal Raincloud
  12. Blue House cute flatdesign flat loop looping orangewolfstudios house illustration cartoon ae 2d gif animation after effects
    View Blue House
    Blue House
  13. Do Donuts Count as a Vegetable? 2d joysticks n sliders after effects morphing animation loop character donut rig funny ae gif
    View Do Donuts Count as a Vegetable?
    Do Donuts Count as a Vegetable?
  14. Hello dribbble first shot thank you after effects dribbble pig invite debut gif animation 2d
    View Hello dribbble
    Hello dribbble
  15. Eggplant Marathon run cycle looping gif after effects rubberhose cartoon cute funny veggies eggplants animation ae gif
    View Eggplant Marathon
    Eggplant Marathon
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