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  1. 2 Apr
    Teemu Paananen
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    Simple and oddly satisfying. Great work!

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    Teemu Paananen
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    @Francisco Seiz Freitas TDKR would have the synopsis be cut off. :) It would show a text saying "Read more...", pressing it would take you to the same page as pressing "Watch" but instead directed toward the information about the movie! Grid view prioritizes showing info and movie titles. Synopsis will be shortened if it doesn't fit and show "Read more..." at the end of it.

    The header image in the top-left corner shows posters of movies/shows the user has recently seen! It's basically the users viewing history. When pressing the user, the idea is you would essentially have access to your (1) your ratings, (2) history, (3) reviews if you've written any, & (4) a timeline view of TV-shows you're subscribed to.