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  1. 21 Mar Teemu Commented on Vector Emoji by Michael Flarup

    I would pay for a complete set of all the emojis! But these are awesome. Great work :)

  2. 2 Mar Teemu Followed Milkshake.
  3. 23 Feb Teemu Commented on Ampersands by Chase Turberville for Focus Lab

    Didn't see them as ampersands until I read the title. Then it became more obvious, but I don't think people would catch that until it was pointed out.

  4. 13 Feb Teemu Followed Maja Bergendahl.
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  6. 13 Feb Teemu Commented on Logo by Simon Gustavsson for 3drops

    I thought about this when I saw it at first. But I like it :) Good work.

  7. 13 Feb Teemu Commented on Isslander.com by Charlie Isslander

    @Charlie Isslander So instead of having a responsive layout for mobile that's "boring" you'd rather not have anything at all? Alienating all mobile users?