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  1. 21h Pro
    Commented on Running Journal

    Love :) Not 100% sure about the body text though, feels too heavily detailed/thick. But the rest looks great!

  2. 24 May Pro
    Commented on Magazine Layout

    Holy guacamole this is good. Great balance.

  3. 19 May Pro
    Commented on Rheo Apple TV Icon

    Love this. Fantastic creative thinking.

  4. 19 May Pro
    Commented on New app to create moodboards

    I've never found a moodboard app I enjoy because all require some form of online connectivity. Most are on websites, which is even further from what I want. I'd rather pay a small sum for an app that I can use as a sort of viewfinder for the images. Preferably with customization options like how big the thumbnails are, how much padding between images, dark/light mode. But to give some concrete answers:

    1) Offline.
    2) Local and/or Dropbox.
    3) No.