Taygun Adel by Taygun

ADEL founded in 1969, is a partnership between Anadolu Group, and Faber-Castell AG from Germany.

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Adel - Icon on Characters

May 30, 2016

We are in the phase of creating a new world for ADEL. The story and the characters will be the brand delegates of the new brand study of ADEL that is colorfull, entertaining and sympathic. In every media they will use the same character...

Adel - New Logotype Anatomy

May 30, 2016

And this is the one with logotype as a follow-up of the previous shot:)

Adel - New Icon Colors

May 30, 2016

Brief, The Design of the Logo and emblem should be seen clearly on packages, tv , costumes etc.. -We prefer a bold and visible one. No thin and light solutions! The Brand have some strategic products for the adults and universtiy age t...