1. Healthy breakfast food

  2. Japanese food illustration

  3. Logo design for The libellule artisanal bakery

  4. Logo, patterns design for The libellule artisanal bakery

  5. Dessert, watercolour, fruit, heart bowls

  6. Tiramisu dessert watercolour illustration

  7. Chocolate, figs, raspberry dessert

  8. Red velvet cheesecake, watercolour illustration

  9. Watercolour dessert illustration

  10. Watercolour dessert illustration

  11. Eggplants watercolour

  12. Fruit watercolour illustration

  13. Vegetables, feta cheese watercolour illustration

  14. Cake, watercolour illustration

  15. Greek salad illustration

  16. Carnelian Antique - Script

  17. Branding Kit, Boutique Photography Logo

  18. Premade logo, logo package, Branding Kit

  19. Logo Jewellery, Photography, Premade

  20. Floral pencil drawing one line art

  21. Monogram Letters Logo design

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