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  1. Sparrow Organizing Software sparrow logo logodesign branding typography wordmark minimal alexwende alexander wende
    View Sparrow Organizing Software
    Sparrow Organizing Software
  2. Crowdmark Final alexwende alexander wende logo education monogram typography crowd colorful spiral wordmark logodesign branding
    View Crowdmark Final
    Crowdmark Final
  3. Accelerate Your Business. sports racing pitstop business photoshop photomanipulation photography art direction alexwende alexander wende
    View Accelerate Your Business.
    Accelerate Your Business.
  4. Dguard mark (grid) alexwende alex logo wende alexander logodesign emblem symbol mark shield security data construction
    View Dguard mark (grid)
    Dguard mark (grid)
  5. Dguard Update data security shield mark symbol emblem logodesign alexander wende logo alex alexwende
    View Dguard Update
    Dguard Update
  6. Crowdmark team process symbol typography c monogram education grade mark crowd alexander logo alexander wende wende alex alexwende
    View Crowdmark
  7. Organic Wine Imports alexwende wine logo crest organic drop grape vine lines floral branding food monogram wende alexander wende alex logodesign
    View Organic Wine Imports
    Organic Wine Imports
  8. Racing Keyvisual alexwende alex wende alexander keyvisual photoshop photmanipulation retouching light racing compostion photoillustration illustration movie effects before after direction art direction
    View Racing Keyvisual
    Racing Keyvisual
  9. Ubifon final ubifon logodesign logo wordmark mark typography alexander wende alex wende alexwende
    View Ubifon final
    Ubifon final
  10. photoshop process [GIF] alex alexander wende spark retouch photomanipulation wende alexander alexwende web banner photoshop process ps adobe photoillustration racing speed light driver art direction
    View photoshop process [GIF]
    photoshop process [GIF]
  11. Face+Crowd branding triangle alex wende alexwende monogram agency advertising design symbol advertising agency crowd face typography alexander wende logodesign art direction
    View Face+Crowd
  12. Monogram alexwende alex wende s document paper monogram symbol letter logo alexander wende logodesign
    View Monogram
  13. Nervous Santa alexander wende alexwende logodesign animation gif eyes mark symbol logos identity branding personal logo w wende alex christmas logo red xmas holidays moustache santa claus beard mustache
    View Nervous Santa
    Nervous Santa
  14. Hotel Logo alexander wende alex wende alexwende logodesign art direction bavarian germany theater monogram t faces emblem crest sign mark ornament decoration shield
    View Hotel Logo
    Hotel Logo
  15. "D" Monogram alex wende d monogram symbol logo spark circles alexander wende alexwende logodesign
    View "D" Monogram
    "D" Monogram
  16. Daniela Reske Photography Monogram alex wende alexwende camera symbol mark monogram clean photography logo alexander wende logodesign
    View Daniela Reske Photography Monogram
    Daniela Reske Photography Monogram
  17. PRÄSENT logo proposal alexander wende präsent gift shop colors cube room lines bow package box boxed packed logodesign logo identity branding monoline simple simplicity alex alexwende wende triangles geometric art direction
    View PRÄSENT logo proposal
    PRÄSENT logo proposal
  18. Loviv.com creativity logo loviv network colorful heart icon logodesign alexwende alexander wende design typography symbol loviv.com designinspiration mark design network alexander wende alex inspiration
    View Loviv.com
  19. Voices Of Soul Logo alexander wende logodesign wende wordmark mouth woman typography logomark mark symbol voice lips red alex alexwende soul logo card business card mockup art direction
    View Voices Of Soul Logo
    Voices Of Soul Logo
  20. Wende / Personal Wordmark alexwende alex wende typography wordmark w logo identity branding alexander wende logodesign eyes identity design personal circle simple simplicity
    View Wende / Personal Wordmark
    Wende / Personal Wordmark
  21. What do you see? logo branding identity corporate design mark symbol alex wende alexwende alexander wende logodesign
    View What do you see?
    What do you see?
  22. Hyper monogram alex wende hyper h monogram games symbol logo alexander wende alexwende logodesign
    View Hyper monogram
    Hyper monogram
  23. Voices of Soul  alexander wende wordmark mouth woman typography logomark mark symbol voice lips red wende logodesign alex alexwende soul logo
    View Voices of Soul
    Voices of Soul
  24. Airity - identity alex wende airity logo branding identity typography gradient wordmark alexander wende alexwende logodesign
    View Airity - identity
    Airity - identity
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