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  1. Teachable Discover - Homepage

    Balkan Brothers Balkan Brothers Team Wesley van 't Hart Wesley van 't Hart Pro

  2. Product Description Page - Part 1

    Quadrato Quadrato Team Faria Anzum Faria Anzum Pro

  3. Chrome New Tab Page

    Google Google Team Joel Beukelman Joel Beukelman Pro

  4. A - Search Influencers

    Balkan Brothers Balkan Brothers Team Filip Justić Filip Justić Pro

  5. Beaten Path

    Handsome Handsome Team Ryan Bataillon Ryan Bataillon

  6. UFC

    FΛNTΛSY FΛNTΛSY Team Russell Hampton Russell Hampton Pro

  7. Furniture Social App Concept

    Unrise Unrise Team Christian Vizcarra Christian Vizcarra Pro

  8. Co-working App - UI Design

    Andrew Walter Andrew Walter Pro

  9. Wireframe System

    UI8 UI8 Team

  10. #MakeitBetter: Dropbox

    Ramotion Ramotion Team

  11. Care - Car Insurance

    Netguru Netguru Team Weronika Maria S. Weronika Maria S. Pro

  12. Skate App

    Shakuro Shakuro Team Fred Zachinov Fred Zachinov Pro

  13. Music Player '19

    Faria Anzum Faria Anzum Pro

  14. Loan

    MAD MAD Team Pascal Gärtner Pascal Gärtner Pro

  15. Music app UI case

    Julia Julia

  16. Audiobook: Explore, Player, Bookmarks

    Heartbeat Agency Heartbeat Agency Team Vladimir Gruev Vladimir Gruev Pro

  17. Chernobyl (miniseries)

    blacklead blacklead Team Toma Li Toma Li

  18. Sienna Social

    UI8 UI8 Team

  19. Game streaming service - Mobile app

    Anastasia Anastasia Pro

  20. PAYBACK - Landing page

    Netguru Netguru Team Maciej Kotula Maciej Kotula Pro

  21. Dubai Bank Mobile App & Website

    Andrew Kuzmin Andrew Kuzmin Pro

  22. Books App Onboarding

    Krestovskaya Anna Krestovskaya Anna

  23. Adidas Original- Web Concept

    Nickelfox Nickelfox Team Bhavna Kashyap Bhavna Kashyap Pro

  24. Friendly Fire Landing Page

    willbe collective willbe collective Team Sara Silva Sara Silva

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