The Famous Frouws

Inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

  1. Dogstar Brands design investment card dogstar the famous frouws simon frouws business card branding logo dog star constellation
    View Dogstar Brands
    Dogstar Brands
  2. Espanita Tequila 1 the famous frouws bottle emboss tequila banner mexico simon frouws vintage woodcut engraving sun illustration
    View Espanita Tequila 1
    Espanita Tequila 1
  3. Fallen Angel retro french france wine label horns the famous frouws vintage devil angel art deco simon frouws illustration
    View Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel
  4. The Good Wine postcard wings wine glass the famous frouws simon frouws art deco halo illustration angel
    View The Good Wine
    The Good Wine
  5. New Playing Cards crown joker playing cards key the famous frouws simon frouws vintage star moon king owl sword
    View New Playing Cards
    New Playing Cards
  6. Mexican Mezcal Label wings packaging design rabbit luxury the famous frouws simon frouws vintage mezcal moon tequila illustration
    View Mexican Mezcal Label
    Mexican Mezcal Label
  7. Ocean Vibration crest squid ocean vibration banner the famous frouws simon frouws anchor vintage tentacles engraving logo illustration
    View Ocean Vibration
    Ocean Vibration
  8. LogoLounge Book 10 the famous frouws skull simon frouws pig octopus monkey logo lounge logolounge logo illustration bear barrel
    View LogoLounge Book 10
    LogoLounge Book 10
  9. Bare Knuckle Boxer the famous frouws packaging rye whiskey artisanal whiskey boxer simon frouws vintage woodcut engraving spirit label illustration
    Bare Knuckle Boxer
  10. CHUM Fruit Bites - Part 2  the famous frouws  sweets  simon frouws  tiger  panda bear  healthy  fruit bites  fruit  chum  bite animals
    View CHUM Fruit Bites - Part 2
    CHUM Fruit Bites - Part 2
  11. CHUM Fruit Bites - Part 1  the famous frouws  sweets  simon frouws  rhino  polar bear  healthy  fruit bites  fruit  chum  bite animals
    View CHUM Fruit Bites - Part 1
    CHUM Fruit Bites - Part 1
  12. Ginger Beer the famous frouws liquor alcohol packaging lion bird ginger beer vintage chinese rose beer ginger ale china
    View Ginger Beer
    Ginger Beer
  13. Popcorn Bag the famous frouws tractor sheep corn caramel african art simon frouws retro hen chicken kettle corn popcorn
    View Popcorn Bag
    Popcorn Bag
  14. Snake Eyes the famous frouws package packaging design premium luxury simon frouws vintage woodcut bottle snake whisky illustration
    View Snake Eyes
    Snake Eyes
  15. Rickshaw Run the famous frouws t-shirt charity lotus flames simon frouws texture rickshaw run india logo tiger illustration
    View Rickshaw Run
    Rickshaw Run
  16. Buck Fever the famous frouws logo packaging design premium brandy icon simon frouws vintage stag deer halftone brandy label
    View Buck Fever
    Buck Fever
  17. Spanish Wine Label packaging typography illustration wine label woodcut packaging design simon frouws medals engraving vintage castle tower spain spanish label wine
    View Spanish Wine Label
    Spanish Wine Label
  18. Derren Brown Playing Cards woodcut theory11 vintage simon frouws packaging design letterpress ace of spades magician magic playing cards
    Derren Brown Playing Cards
  19. You've been Zanged! package the famous frouws calavera chocolate skull candy milk chocolate vintage simon frouws zang banner packaging design
    View You've been Zanged!
    You've been Zanged!
  20. Kadu Wine Label wine label forest jungle india tiger simon frouws sula vineyards woodcut etching engraving stamp illustration
    Kadu Wine Label
  21. Floral Pattern filigree floral gold banner spirit gin crest simon frouws vintage woodcut etching engraving illustration
    Floral Pattern
  22. Night Rider beer packaging design dream night moon simon frouws vintage blue rider pilgrim horse illustration
    View Night Rider
    Night Rider
  23. The Sweet Madness the famous frouws illustration wine label engraving etching woodcut vintage simon frouws wine france packaging design packaging
    View The Sweet Madness
    The Sweet Madness
  24. Copper Tequila Tray flower pattern floral tequila leonista etching copper banner simon frouws vintage engraving illustration
    View Copper Tequila Tray
    Copper Tequila Tray
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