108 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

  1. Saucy tapes label tape typography branding
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  2. Tape-a-delic! day sounds graphic design psych rock band psychedelic rock and roll merch music tapes cassette tape
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  3. Anthemic Tapes
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    Anthemic Tapes
  4. Basement, 1999 - Snippet 2 grunge bookshelf basement nirvana retro tapes vhs tamagotchi camcorder 90s lava lamp bopit furby
    View Basement, 1999 - Snippet 2
    Basement, 1999 - Snippet 2
  5. Lost Tapes vhs logo branding typography identity
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    Lost Tapes
  6. cassette tapes colorful cassette collage
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    cassette tapes
  7. Cassette labels for fun subway nyc original 80s hi-fi project cassette audio tapes stickers autocad illustrator branding art vintage photoshop vector retro design illustration
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    Cassette labels for fun
  8. Tapes Tapes Tapes pattern colors analog tapes tape isometric model render design blender 3d illustration
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    Tapes Tapes Tapes
  9. Geology Records Website art direction web design wordpress cassettes tapes music
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    Geology Records Website
  10. Cassette Music Player UI application app design prodigy music player tapes cassette concept app ui
    View Cassette Music Player UI
    Cassette Music Player UI
  11. beep beep reflective tapes emergency geometric shapes gradient car street pattern
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    beep beep
  12. 📼 Lost Tapes Blank VHS Media 📼 📼 tape icon illustration identity branding vhs
    View 📼 Lost Tapes Blank VHS Media 📼
    📼 Lost Tapes Blank VHS Media 📼
  13. Audio Cassettes with Labels. 3d vintage tapes subway stickers retro project photoshop render original nyc illustrator blender autocad design hi-fi cassette audio art 80s
    View Audio Cassettes with Labels.
    Audio Cassettes with Labels.
  14. Bloxham Tapes packaging design - BT03  music design label experimental cassette tape egg nino bloxham tapes
    View Bloxham Tapes packaging design - BT03
    Bloxham Tapes packaging design - BT03
  15. Music Peace & Hair Grease boombox record tapes illustration music icons
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    Music Peace & Hair Grease
  16. 10x18 Lucky Tapes illustration music poster layout ipad pro
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    10x18 Lucky Tapes
  17. Fnord Tapes bw minimal packaging tapes cassettes fnord tapes fnord
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    Fnord Tapes
  18. Casette Tapes tape deck illustrator illustration emily dumas 80s surface design pattern
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    Casette Tapes
  19. Cassette Tape tech retro vector illustrator tapes cassette 80s
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    Cassette Tape
  20. Diana Tapes Animation illustration editorial cassette tape diana
    View Diana Tapes Animation
    Diana Tapes Animation
  21. Red Tapes music apparel vintage illustrator procreate dog band merch
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    Red Tapes
  22. Bloxham Tapes packaging design - BT04  screenprint collage print bt04 design cassette label experimental bloxham tapes
    View Bloxham Tapes packaging design - BT04
    Bloxham Tapes packaging design - BT04
  23. Mixtapes music tapes mixtape tape vector motion graphics motion design illustrator illustration design
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  24. The Creative tapes Vol. 1 vintage retro tapes vcr workout vhs creative pain
    View The Creative tapes Vol. 1
    The Creative tapes Vol. 1
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