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  1. Codesigned - Isometric Illustration (Measure) composition workspace structure data geometry line linear illustration isometric measure
    View Codesigned - Isometric Illustration (Measure)
    Codesigned - Isometric Illustration (Measure)
  2. Managing Complexity triangle sphere square calm complex balance structure shapes complexity managing illustration
    View Managing Complexity
    Managing Complexity
  3. Shelter Architecture Magazine Website web design architecture website installations facilities equipment information platform web environment composition system construction buildings engineering layout structure design architecture future
    View Shelter Architecture Magazine Website
    Shelter Architecture Magazine Website
  4. Structure Illustration simple website abstract modern isometric illustration design structure
    View Structure Illustration
    Structure Illustration
  5. Architecture Icons heritage structure 3d maze mangrove climate icons architecture
    View Architecture Icons
    Architecture Icons
  6. CITY animation shape 2d 3d design architecture structure graphic illustration city illustration city
    View CITY
  7. Geo Pattern structure fun play colorful block building blocks building geometry pattern
    View Geo Pattern
    Geo Pattern
  8. N structure colors geometric flat logo mark branding guides geometry logo guides logo construction n logo 3d grid logo grids
    View N
  9. Neighborhood Burger Bar 4 lockup restaurant design typopgraphy retro logo design restaurant logo restaurant branding restaurant fence bushes plants planters windows structure structural architectural architecture building design
    View Neighborhood Burger Bar 4
    Neighborhood Burger Bar 4
  10. SPB 2 table structure construction building shield emblem beam business card experience puzzle tradition blueprint
    View SPB 2
    SPB 2
  11. Data houses dataviz data city structure house geometric geometry abstract vector flat shapes motion graphics motion animation gif illo
    View Data houses
    Data houses
  12. SPB blueprint tradition puzzle experience beam monoline emblem shield initials monogram building construction structure logo grid
  13. Construction management logo minimalist structure real estate property progressive monogram modern management logo line innovative identity geometric elegant development number 5 construction building branding architecture
    Construction management logo
  14. STRUCTURE app ui
  15. WeWork - Inside Illustration 2 location office inside lines workspace illustration isometric people position room structure plan
    View WeWork - Inside Illustration 2
    WeWork - Inside Illustration 2
  16. SOM Wires agency unfold web website design logo branding structure webapp webdesign schoolofmotion hi-fi high fedelity wireframe
    View SOM Wires
    SOM Wires
  17. Elm Form Architecture forms gate roof programming castle house structure elm building architecture
    View Elm Form Architecture
    Elm Form Architecture
  18. Chemical Structure Mobile Editor electron microscope chemistry connection structure atom molecule element mobile interface ios app graphics icons ux ui cuberto
    View Chemical Structure Mobile Editor
    Chemical Structure Mobile Editor
  19. Hering Foundation Identity System Exploration / Branding symbol branding typography logotype wordmark design modern minimal geometric system line arrow heart logo structure pattern identity
    View Hering Foundation Identity System Exploration / Branding
    Hering Foundation Identity System Exploration / Branding
  20. WeWork - Inside Illustration plan structure rooms position people isometric illustraion workspace line inside office location
    View WeWork - Inside Illustration
    WeWork - Inside Illustration
  21. App Icon construction process design process guidlines icon design icon grid iphone drinking water drop icon app structure grid composition logo construction construction app icon
    View App Icon construction process
    App Icon construction process
  22. Construction management branding identity real estate property interior business card building innovative progressive structure monogram geometric architecture development elegant line modern logo branding management construction
    View Construction management branding
    Construction management branding
  23. Hyaloid Logo cake building transparent blue glass structure architecture tower spiral 3d geometric design vector logomark mark logo
    View Hyaloid Logo
    Hyaloid Logo
  24. Crossbeam Logo rebrand focus lab branding design brand design identity design structure crossbeam logodesign logo branding and identity branding
    View Crossbeam Logo
    Crossbeam Logo
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