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  1. Redeemer Fellowship Annual Report (Spreads) annual report illustration spreads layout newspaper design modern minimal church 2014 finance
    View Redeemer Fellowship Annual Report (Spreads)
    Redeemer Fellowship Annual Report (Spreads)
  2. Photorealistic Magazine PSD Mock-up free download print layout gravity editorial spreads freebie psd mock-up magazine
    View Photorealistic Magazine PSD Mock-up
    Photorealistic Magazine PSD Mock-up
  3. Annual Report 2014 maps icons color booklet annual report spreads typography numbers info graphics people
    View Annual Report 2014
    Annual Report 2014
  4. Redeemer Fellowship 2015 Annual Report Spreads report annual spreads design layout infographic brochure screws binding book booklet church
    View Redeemer Fellowship 2015 Annual Report Spreads
    Redeemer Fellowship 2015 Annual Report Spreads
  5. Allcall Zine branding logotype destination guide travel event editorial design layout brooklyn newyork ny alyssainthecity editor condensed founders grotesk illustration spreads pages magazine zine
    Allcall Zine
  6. Leaders Advance layout design grid abstract text editorial type typography spreads layout
    View Leaders Advance layout design
    Leaders Advance layout design
  7. Life Booklet gradient cover book booklets photo layout photos polorids clean modern booklet florida orlando cma student ministry youth ministry students spread layout spreads
    View Life Booklet
    Life Booklet
  8. Fall Retreat simple modern christian church student ministry students youth retreat postcard booklet spread spreads layout card forest 2018 badge seal logo deer
    View Fall Retreat
    Fall Retreat
  9. Article Spread 1 article spread spreads magazine the guild print type typography
    View Article Spread 1
    Article Spread 1
  10. VGBND beeteeth spreads steven stone iconoreps vagabond
    View VGBND
  11. Gestalt Theory spreads print book layout typography infographic logo psychology research information design indesign
    View Gestalt Theory
    Gestalt Theory
  12. Hilltopper Spring 2016 print spreads editorial layout magazine illustration design graphic
    View Hilltopper Spring 2016
    Hilltopper Spring 2016
  13. LCQM spreads spreads argentina landscape photography editorial book
    View LCQM spreads
    LCQM spreads
  14. SPADE Magazine classic future atlanta fashion photography print publication spreads magazine
    View SPADE Magazine
    SPADE Magazine
  15. The Brewery | Brochure paper book simple vintage minimal editorial layout case study magazine spreads brochure
    View The Brewery | Brochure
    The Brewery | Brochure
  16. Rare magazine publication spreads layouts magazine
    View Rare magazine
    Rare magazine
  17. Culture Book Employee Spreads personas pages black yellow magenta cyan cmyk colors pantone grid friends family people print indesign publication spreads layout illustration atlanta
    View Culture Book Employee Spreads
    Culture Book Employee Spreads
  18. Marshall School Annual Report marshall school gif spreads report annual editorial layout design graphic
    View Marshall School Annual Report
    Marshall School Annual Report
  19. Family Weekend Newspaper  purple type mockup cover layout editorial spreads newspaper
    View Family Weekend Newspaper
    Family Weekend Newspaper
  20. Australia spreads travel photography travel magazine book grid layout grid typography spreads filmisnotdead kodak film photography film photography publication editorial design editorial print design print
    View Australia spreads
    Australia spreads
  21. Nutters Logotype logo logotype typography andrew footit nuts spreads identity branding
    View Nutters Logotype
    Nutters Logotype
  22. Call to Adventure book spreads spreads book adventure outdoors element three
    View Call to Adventure book spreads
    Call to Adventure book spreads
  23. President's Report spreads memorial university
    View President's Report
    President's Report
  24. Sprout Social Index Edition XV: Empower & Elevate social media multi-color multi color visual identity design system data analysis layout editorial editorial design spreads stripes data visulization index data data report
    View Sprout Social Index Edition XV: Empower & Elevate
    Sprout Social Index Edition XV: Empower & Elevate
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