375 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

  1. Eximee — Design System style guide guides documentation colors scale specs styles components design system bank fintech visual ui ux product web
    View Eximee — Design System
    Eximee — Design System
  2. New Buttons specs doc states buttons style guide design system
    View New Buttons
    New Buttons
  3. Redlines for Figma design handoff plugin ux specs redlines figmadesign figma
    View Redlines for Figma
    Redlines for Figma
  4. PayJunction Specs money transfer money processing payment pos unfold app website web outline brand logo payjunction specification specs drawing line
    View PayJunction Specs
    PayJunction Specs
  5. 📐 Navigation Spacing measure component ruler collapse nav navigation white space specs spacing simple guide dashboard 8pt grid 8pt clean design ux ui
    View 📐 Navigation Spacing
    📐 Navigation Spacing
  6. Jaybird 🎧 - Compare web website shopping e-commerce ecommerce headphones specs features compare ux ui design interactive prototype
    View Jaybird 🎧 - Compare
    Jaybird 🎧 - Compare
  7. Tesla Specs Card web design clean ui buatoom
    View Tesla Specs Card
    Tesla Specs Card
  8. 📐Card Spacing card guide dashboard white space 8pt 8pt grid spacing checkbox specs clean simple design ux ui
    View 📐Card Spacing
    📐Card Spacing
  9. Destination Card Component specs design system card component ux ui
    View Destination Card Component
    Destination Card Component
  10. Design Specs brand design ui
    View Design Specs
    Design Specs
  11. Component specs - Tooltips specs sketch systems library component library documentation component
    View Component specs - Tooltips
    Component specs - Tooltips
  12. Export production-ready animation code export developer specs framer motion collaboration mobile magic motion framer web prototype transition copy animation code handoff app interface ui
    View Export production-ready animation code
    Export production-ready animation code
  13. Design Spec Illustrations inspect icons specs sketch illustration illustrations
    View Design Spec Illustrations
    Design Spec Illustrations
  14. Car Specs - Transition 3d after effects micro animation micro interaction eccomerce web design ux ui interface dodge minimal classic vehicle car transition interaction interactive animation clean website
    View Car Specs - Transition
    Car Specs - Transition
  15. Agorapulse — Comment's Specs social media crm app facebook comment guide specs ui clean 8px 8pt agorapulse
    View Agorapulse — Comment's Specs
    Agorapulse — Comment's Specs
  16. Camera Comparison interface ui interaction fuji list web table specifications specs 1on1 compare
    View Camera Comparison
    Camera Comparison
  17. Motorbike VR shop - IOS mobile app product specs checkout ui checkout app product cart product ui product details motorbike ui mobile cart cart ui minimal ui ios app flat ui ecommerce app ecommerce vr shop vr app mobile app
    View Motorbike VR shop - IOS mobile app
    Motorbike VR shop - IOS mobile app
  18. Icon picker widget widget icon emoji sketch specs spacing ui simple design clean
    Icon picker widget
  19. Technical specs vector illustration
    View Technical specs
    Technical specs
  20. Tech Specs 🏀 muzli user ui spec pdf lab. mobile tech gradient web document darknightmode chat add
    View Tech Specs 🏀
    Tech Specs 🏀
  21. Apple Aqua Human Interface Guidelines Jaguar/Panther/Tiger internal apple hi guidelines hi specs spec specifications human interface guidelines guidelines human interface aqua hig
    View Apple Aqua Human Interface Guidelines Jaguar/Panther/Tiger
    Apple Aqua Human Interface Guidelines Jaguar/Panther/Tiger
  22. Question Type ui specs specification development design
    View Question Type
    Question Type
  23. Camera product page cart features specs presentation product digital fuji camera
    View Camera product page
    Camera product page
  24. XD Design specs
    View XD Design specs
    XD Design specs
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