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124 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

  1. Autumn Lion animal brand happy illustration mascot cartoon character friendly joy leafs fun identity logo cute smile lion cat autumn
    View Autumn Lion
    Autumn Lion
  2. SMILES waves happy emoji smile motion animation logo typography icon illustration
    View SMILES
  3. Win–Grin arrow smiley face wink smile youth sports leagueside logo brand agency branding agency brand development logotype brand identity design brand identity brand design logo design identity identity design branding focus lab
    View Win–Grin
  4. Space cat cat hug character fun planet space illustration cute smile logo illustration outline cute branding brand animal love planet
    View Space cat
    Space cat
  5. Smiling Face Logo Design logo design brand design smile logo smile symbol design minimal creative mark branding logo
    View Smiling Face Logo Design
    Smiling Face Logo Design
  6. Little Duck character colorful smile friendly happy cute brand branding inspiration flower leaf outline animal lover hat duck cartoon logo
    Little Duck
  7. Sun / Moon holistic health wellness branding vector opposite cheeks eye happy smile face day night star shine ray icon geometric illustration logo
    View Sun / Moon
    Sun / Moon
  8. Hudello logo concepts letter wave lines huddle human connection social hands smile face friendly hug h monogram icon star branding logo
    View Hudello logo concepts
    Hudello logo concepts
  9. Nanny EQ awareness support icon kids emotional fun star smile happy cute baby unicorn nanny logo brand
    View Nanny EQ
    Nanny EQ
  10. Joyful 😊 blue happiness eye joyful joy happy mood smiley emoji smile logo-exploration logo mark logo design identity brand brand identity design monogram branding brand identity logo
    View Joyful 😊
    Joyful 😊
  11. Smiling Face Graphic Logo branding vector design graphic happy icon smile face logo face illustraion logo
    Smiling Face Graphic Logo
  12. Peapods smile joyful cute illustration logo branding green character mascot outline cartoon brand peapods peas fun
    View Peapods
  13. Petopia  🐱🐶 hugging happy heart kitty cat illustration branding cute smile dog pet love logo
    View Petopia 🐱🐶
    Petopia 🐱🐶
  14. J + 🙂 joy simple design eye happy emoji smiley smile logo mark logo design identity symbol icon brand identity design brand identity brand monogram logo branding
    View J + 🙂
    J + 🙂
  15. Polar Love badge letter cute smile b child children vector branding illustration mom icon nature animal polar love logo
    View Polar Love
    Polar Love
  16. Donut Cat mascot friendly character happy brand smile colorful cute fun mark symbol identity cat logo donut
    View Donut Cat
    Donut Cat
  17. Rice Kitty playful animal cartoon mascot white scottish fold cute smile stars branding nails design kitty cat logo
    Rice Kitty
  18. Laughing Face And Boat branding brand logotype logo mark minimailsm flat sun bird boat face smile laught
    View Laughing Face And Boat
    Laughing Face And Boat
  19. Unicorn logo brand branding smile happy fun animal magic plush love cartoon magic illustration cute lovely character
  20. Blue Mask Bird identity branding child kids friendly outline logo cartoon comic fun hardhat overall smile miner happy walking lovebird animal cute bird blue mask
    Blue Mask Bird
  21. Mother & Baby rounded circle cute adorable smile happiness holding carrying illustration love care baby newborn female woman mother mom symbol icon identity logo cartoon comic child children geometry geometric cute fun funny illustrative illustration brand branding logo identity
    View Mother & Baby
    Mother & Baby
  22. Cute Monster children smile outline silly creature emoji emoticon green sweet sticker icon logo character funny cartoon flat mascot illustration cute monster
    View Cute Monster
    Cute Monster
  23. U / Smile letter u smiley smile face happy logo icon mark symbol gradient
    View U / Smile
    U / Smile
  24. Frog draw drawing green amphibia frog animal personality personal clean simple friendly happy smile smiling bold outline cartoon flat mascot character symbol icon geometry geometric character mascot cute fun funny illustrative illustration brand branding logo identity
    View Frog
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