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  1. Desktop Analysis timeline stats log preferences tabs switch settings categories tracking time desktop analysis
    Desktop Analysis
  2. Social Feed icons popover modal ux ui settings preferences ios app social entwork social media feed
    Social Feed
  3. Smart home app. clean details ui list profile account message settings mobile app
    Smart home app.
  4. Account Settings settings web app design ui
    View Account Settings
    Account Settings
  5. Profile and Settings app articles account settings profile minimal news ux ui mobile
    View Profile and Settings
    Profile and Settings
  6. Settings - Component Elements two factor authentication preferences notification social accounts cards forms settings pricing profile components ui animation
    View Settings - Component Elements
    Settings - Component Elements
  7. Setting page example heroicons account settings tailwindcss tailwind ui
    View Setting page example
    Setting page example
  8. Saifty - GDPR Settings ios mobile ui ui animation settings gdpr icon animation interaction design bottom drawer mobile app login screen notification
    View Saifty - GDPR Settings
    Saifty - GDPR Settings
  9. End User Profile Settings ⚙️ mobile ios clean ux ui preferences edit profile toggle edit icons settings profile
    View End User Profile Settings ⚙️
    End User Profile Settings ⚙️
  10. Edit Profile analytics dashboard design web ux ui design profile page forms edit profile account settings
    Edit Profile
  11. Cards - Dark UI ui ux calendar settings tasks notifications upload design system picker to do checklist share dashboard web app event input modal popup
    View Cards - Dark UI
    Cards - Dark UI
  12. Cards - White UI popup modal slider input event app web dashboard share checklist to do picker design system upload notifications tasks settings calendar ux ui
    View Cards - White UI
    Cards - White UI
  13. Pop Over Components fintech search settings profile ui kit components mobile pop over ux ui
    Pop Over Components
  14. Haystack - Admin Settings light mode menu button navigation drawer desktop application settings ui navigation sidebar clean fintory haystack daily 100 challenge alert popover popup modal product changes admin settings dashboard settings
    Haystack - Admin Settings
  15. Daily UI 006-007 :: Profile & Settings mobileapp dailyui007 dailyui006 illustration figma dailyui animation web ux @dailyui ui design app
    Daily UI 006-007 :: Profile & Settings
  16. DailyUI 007 - Settings facebook messenger dailyui configure config options option settings page setting settings ui settings dailyui 007
    View DailyUI 007 - Settings
    DailyUI 007 - Settings
  17. Haystack - User Settings responsive modal popover dashboard settings dashboard clean ux daily 100 challenge fintory sidebar navigation design system menu modern ui flat design design user settings settings popup modal light mode
    View Haystack - User Settings
    Haystack - User Settings
  18. Profile settings exploration icons exploration settings profile
    View Profile settings exploration
    Profile settings exploration
  19. App Settings simple interaction night mode dark theme 3d animation light design profile icons product design settings ios mobile clean minimal interface app ux ui
    App Settings
  20. Minimal settings menu design user interface list view indicator minimal menu settings ios app product design ux ui
    View Minimal settings menu
    Minimal settings menu
  21. Dark Mode settings puzzle soundfx music toggle dark ui ios icons interface button icon design app layout ux ui
    Dark Mode
  22. #Exploration - Digital Wallet App - Settings Page - Dark Mode clean details ipad dashboard card transactions money finance fintech app wallet digital profile user notifications account screen page settings
    #Exploration - Digital Wallet App - Settings Page - Dark Mode
  23. Daily UI #007 Settings dairyui007 settings interface dailyui ui
    View Daily UI #007 Settings
    Daily UI #007 Settings
  24. DailyUI#007 - Settings app ui illustration design dailyui
    View DailyUI#007 - Settings
    DailyUI#007 - Settings
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