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  1. Material X design system UI kit - Figma Segments material mobile web design system ui kit app figma navigation nav segmented control segmented segments segment tabs
    Material X design system UI kit - Figma Segments
  2. Automated Segments audience flights data input segment automation yieldr
    View Automated Segments
    Automated Segments
  3. Dark Input Fields font segments slider colours settings typography box inputs dark mode ui design system input fields
    View Dark Input Fields
    Dark Input Fields
  4. Segment Creation Screen for Marketing Software segments uixui uidesign uxdesign marketing campaign campaings ab testing dynamic content marketing strategy marketing tools marketing conditioning condition builder conditions segmented control segmentation segment product design user interface saas
    View Segment Creation Screen for Marketing Software
    Segment Creation Screen for Marketing Software
  5. Dashboard - Campaign Monitor marketing automation email marketing clean segments product icon graph typography web design ux ui dashboard campaign monitor
    Dashboard - Campaign Monitor
  6. Sidebar Navigation Animated sidebar navigation website navigation animation after effects dashboard animation 2d campaign segments profiles popup ux ui sidebar menu navigation bar bar navigation app animation
    View Sidebar Navigation Animated
    Sidebar Navigation Animated
  7. Tab Interaction protopie web animation web application gif app ux uiux ixd ui animation ripple effect ripple android segmented control segments segment tabs tab
    View Tab Interaction
    Tab Interaction
  8. User List Filtering & Segmentation nfc navigation export list view webapp segments filters user ui dashboard list
    User List Filtering & Segmentation
  9. Menu Filterring interface design flatdesign buttons hovers uiux dashboard ui dashboard light filter panel segments dropdown popup search bar navigation menu navigation tags search filterrings filters
    Menu Filterring
  10. Audience Segments Figures illustration character design behavior audiences
    View Audience Segments Figures
    Audience Segments Figures
  11. Filter Builder saas app segments builders builder filter
    View Filter Builder
    Filter Builder
  12. Blue Icon Set Filled user experience user interface settings icon icon design icon set icons icon cart setting segments messenger chat dashboard chart popup bluereceipt branding blue
    View Blue Icon Set Filled
    Blue Icon Set Filled
  13. Creating a Scenario — Interface for CRM ui web segments scenarios arrows nodes crm
    View Creating a Scenario — Interface for CRM
    Creating a Scenario — Interface for CRM
  14. Segments Table yieldr pending error integration export data table segment audience
    View Segments Table
    Segments Table
  15. Monetize Overview yieldr segments monetize graph data visualization data sketch
    View Monetize Overview
    Monetize Overview
  16. Heap Icons segments ux dashboard integration graphs data illustration icon analytics heap
    View Heap Icons
    Heap Icons
  17. Segments contact set workspace design room control outline illustrator vector work hand icon illustration folder design web robot manufacture mech folder segment
  18. Material X design kit for Figma android mobile web design system templates design ui kit app ui material figma list shadows segments segmented buttons
    Material X design kit for Figma
  19. Export Segments yieldr integration audience export modal segments
    View Export Segments
    Export Segments
  20. Customer Segmentation lifecycles targeting condaitions segments
    View Customer Segmentation
    Customer Segmentation
  21. Boo...lean concept design contacts panel dropdowns layout ui dynamic segmentation segments boolean
    View Boo...lean
  22. A, mouse pointer, negative space, digital marketing agency logo parts segments colorful negative space mouse pointer vector icon mark symbol logo design logo letter mark monogram google search flat 2d geometric digital marketing conversion rate agency a
    View A, mouse pointer, negative space, digital marketing agency logo
    A, mouse pointer, negative space, digital marketing agency logo
  23. Segments texture character graphic design illustration
    View Segments
  24. Empty State - Segments icon users boxes page app blank page ui design empty state
    View Empty State - Segments
    Empty State - Segments
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