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103 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

  1. Application For Amateur Musicians slider play artists artist interface player design ux ui app card cards music
    View Application For Amateur Musicians
    Application For Amateur Musicians
  2. Music Player Mobile App play booking app product ios app minimal card music app ui social social app music album web application design music website mobile app player music art music player music app music
    View Music Player Mobile App
    Music Player Mobile App
  3. Learning Platform UI kit music screen player video settings card mobile app mobile web landing app white ui design clean ux branding minimalistic
    View Learning Platform UI
    Learning Platform UI
  4. Rock Music Player Mobile App Exploration 🤘 card mobile app design ui karaoke record audio player orange dark ui dark theme dark mode rock and roll audio startup music player music music app mobile design mobile app mobile ui mobile
    Rock Music Player Mobile App Exploration 🤘
  5. PPsports Player Design score card player ui soccer app app ui design
    View PPsports Player Design
    PPsports Player Design
  6. Podcast Mobile App product audio player audio app finance card social music uiuxdesigner podcast mobile app uiux design booking app startup live chat live streaming streaming streaming app player play podcasts podcasting podcast
    View Podcast Mobile App
    Podcast Mobile App
  7. #Exploration - Skateboard Video Platform - Video Player user chat skateboard video play detail card sport dashboard website whitespace bold clean ux ui design night mode dark ui dark mode video player
    View #Exploration - Skateboard Video Platform - Video Player
    #Exploration - Skateboard Video Platform - Video Player
  8. Music Player Widget list listing playlist cover music app players player card player ui player music player music art music dark layout ui application app sketch concept design
    View Music Player Widget
    Music Player Widget
  9. FM-Retro Radio retro card orange player app music fm color design
    View FM-Retro Radio
    FM-Retro Radio
  10. Library App Design-Podcast player card interface audio player audio app card player ui player illustration podcasts podcast mobile app application ui ux design 2020
    View Library App Design-Podcast
    Library App Design-Podcast
  11. Music player Card Dynamic Design dynamic card ae ui sketch player music design
    View Music player Card Dynamic Design
    Music player Card Dynamic Design
  12. #Exploration - Skateboard Video Platform - Mobile App night mode dark ui dark mode whitespace bold clean card profile user comments player platform video dashboard ui ios iphone design app mobile
    #Exploration - Skateboard Video Platform - Mobile App
  13. Podcast Profile & Downloads home profile downloads user account blue feed iphone x dribbble minimal user account podcast playlist music player card cards navigation audio home screen
    View Podcast Profile & Downloads
    Podcast Profile & Downloads
  14. Music Player App Design card onboarding dj ui popular song player radio music album
    Music Player App Design
  15. Music Player Light Theme ios playlists play player music player app album music player music app icon flat card ux ui design clean white app design app
    View Music Player Light Theme
    Music Player Light Theme
  16. Music Playlist App Interaction list ui ux cards video sketch iphone x material ios social principle transition prototype animation interaction gif motion details card scroll swipe music app playlist player minimal clean luxury stylish spotify apple google deezer
    View Music Playlist App Interaction
    Music Playlist App Interaction
  17. Apple Music Ui Kit clean animation 3d shadow motion dof camera card artist album music player mac ios list interface material app ui flat
    View Apple Music Ui Kit
    Apple Music Ui Kit
  18. MedMind Interaction vector shape wave redesign player meditation meditate concept abstract ux ui smooth simple product design motion minimal interaction card app animation
    View MedMind Interaction
    MedMind Interaction
  19. Podecast App Design mobile ui home screen feed player card player ui player icons application app design mobile figma app design 2020 ui ux podcasting podcast art podcasts podcast
    View Podecast App Design
    Podecast App Design
  20. Music Dashboard Exploration fluent dekstop table player beats play ui card music dashboard
    View Music Dashboard Exploration
    Music Dashboard Exploration
  21. MedMind a meditation app redesign abstract vector pattern shape wave gradient card player application ui design mobile app mobile design concept clean meditation meditate green app
    View MedMind a meditation app
    MedMind a meditation app
  22. Music Player card players album music app clean design ui color
    View Music Player
    Music Player
  23. Lingering Music Player ui app card music player minority niche
    View Lingering Music Player
    Lingering Music Player
  24. Minimalist Music Player clean mobile app design cards card slider players interface uidesign player lyrics ux ui artist tracks song album music listen app
    View Minimalist Music Player
    Minimalist Music Player
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