Pixate Shots

244 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

  1. Pixate

    UI8 UI8 Team

  2. Gesture / Animation Icons

    Zach Roszczewski Zach Roszczewski Pro

  3. Working on new filters interactions

    Ben Dunn Ben Dunn

  4. Manual iPhone App GIF

    Oliur Oliur Pro

  5. Android Filters - top bar interaction on Pixate

    Ben Dunn Ben Dunn

  6. Pixate Icons

    UI8 UI8 Team

  7. Screen transitions - feed to details and back

    Ben Dunn Ben Dunn

  8. Conceptual Onboarding Animation

    Funsize Funsize Team Jim Jordan Jim Jordan

  9. E-contact app for Android

    Yalantis Yalantis Team Ilya Prunenko Ilya Prunenko

  10. YPlan onboarding. Made with Pixate

    Ben Dunn Ben Dunn

  11. I Love Food

    Mike Perry Mike Perry Pro

  12. Delivery app concept prototype made in Pixate

    Yalantis Yalantis Team Anna Herasymenko Anna Herasymenko

  13. TwoFit workout app prototype

    Yalantis Yalantis Team Bogdan Pryshedko Bogdan Pryshedko

  14. News Interaction

    Andrea Montoya Andrea Montoya

  15. Pixate + Google

    Pixate Pixate Team Justin Belcher Justin Belcher

  16. Property 2015 - Event page

    Housing Housing Team Ramakrishna V Ramakrishna V Pro

  17. BlaBlaCar redesign concept Pixate Prototype

    Yalantis Yalantis Team Dmytro Honcharov Dmytro Honcharov Pro

  18. Statistics - Pixate Prototype

    Yalantis Yalantis Team Anatolii Nesterov Anatolii Nesterov Pro

  19. Details Scroll Interaction

    Ben Dunn Ben Dunn

  20. Koloda Tinder-Like component for IOS (Available on GitHub)

    Yalantis Yalantis Team Dmytro Honcharov Dmytro Honcharov Pro

  21. Zalando Material Design UI - Sketch Freebie

    Tobia Crivellari Tobia Crivellari

  22. Sharing Showtimes on Cinema Club

    Ben Dunn Ben Dunn

  23. Exposing Search on YPlan

    Ben Dunn Ben Dunn

  24. YPlan Android Nav Exploration

    Ben Dunn Ben Dunn

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