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  1. Data Pipeline Dashboard webapp design analytics dashboard ux ui dashboard datapipeline data design
    View Data Pipeline Dashboard
    Data Pipeline Dashboard
  2. Candidate Pipeline – Hiring Platform intuitive interactive job tool backend management cards flow experience user interface ux ui clean candidates pipeline dashboard hiring animation
    View Candidate Pipeline – Hiring Platform
    Candidate Pipeline – Hiring Platform
  3. Dark Kanban kanban board kanban stages pipeline dark mode dark ui product crm
    View Dark Kanban
    Dark Kanban
  4. Automated Actions – Workflow user experience usability interaction job creation hiring join management pipeline stages workflow automation sleek modern clean light minimal ux ui
    View Automated Actions – Workflow
    Automated Actions – Workflow
  5. Data Pipeline Onboarding UI udhaya destination source pipelines timeless 3d web onboarding portal crm portal configure connect plug pipeline data ui  ux
    View Data Pipeline Onboarding UI
    Data Pipeline Onboarding UI
  6. Hiring CRM Platform — Pipelines funnel flow board careers hiring crm employer project candidate dashboard hr jobs data group buckets sharing pipeline folder boards
    View Hiring CRM Platform — Pipelines
    Hiring CRM Platform — Pipelines
  7. Flow Builder finance chart graph product design nodes automation analytic call template builder pipeline dashboard web ux animation ui flow
    View Flow Builder
    Flow Builder
  8. Data Pipeline Dashboard Behance Casestudy fireart research casestudy dashboard ux ui
    View Data Pipeline Dashboard Behance Casestudy
    Data Pipeline Dashboard Behance Casestudy
  9. Data Pipeline web timeless database code fire running balls workflow work pipeline pipes tube data illustration
    Data Pipeline
  10. Sales Pipeline Sankey sankey visualization graph dashboard dark chart analytics
    Sales Pipeline Sankey
  11. Kanban Board – HIPA Cloud user centered user interface users pipeline stages intuitive user experience interface air table tables management tasks cards kanban board product modern light minimal ux ui
    View Kanban Board – HIPA Cloud
    Kanban Board – HIPA Cloud
  12. Opportunities Board ui ux task pipeline roadmap cards dashboard crm leads agilecrm trello kanban board board deals opportunities
    View Opportunities Board
    Opportunities Board
  13. Pipeline View on track pipe rebound leads crm sales ui cards dashboad deals pipeline
    View Pipeline View
    Pipeline View
  14. Kanban Record Popover stages relationship contact activity feed timeline modal popover pipeline ux ui product crm
    Kanban Record Popover
  15. Kanban Configuration pipeline stages organize configuration config columns kanban collaboration ux ui product crm
    View Kanban Configuration
    Kanban Configuration
  16. Opportunity Detail - Change Pipeline Stage crm pipeline progress bar stage sales opportunity pipeline stage
    View Opportunity Detail - Change Pipeline Stage
    Opportunity Detail - Change Pipeline Stage
  17. Task Management Dashboard clean ticket  bord ticket  list ticket webapp trello bord trello jira tables pipeline card list card task list task flow task app task task manager project management tool project management task management
    View Task Management Dashboard
    Task Management Dashboard
  18. Flowy Flowchart Engine website arrows attach snap tree canvas database pipeline marketing automation engine webapp cards block drop drag zapier javascript diagram flowchart
    View Flowy Flowchart Engine
    Flowy Flowchart Engine
  19. Dark Mode Table modals table view crm software database dark theme light theme dark light ux filter ui ui hiring relationships filters pipeline table product light mode dark mode crm
    View Dark Mode Table
    Dark Mode Table
  20. Hiring Platform management process pipeline create search jobs hire shadow cards manage page dash minimal app web design clean interface ux ui
    Hiring Platform
  21. Data Pipeline Dashboard Dark fireart fireartstudio pipeline data dashboard design app ux ui
    View Data Pipeline Dashboard Dark
    Data Pipeline Dashboard Dark
  22. SaaS product for data engineers web design data warehouse code editor pipeline manage storage ux ui web platform sql saas database cloud data data
    View SaaS product for data engineers
    SaaS product for data engineers
  23. Task Management Tool done in progress work business tool teamwork agile pipeline drag and drop project management board trello management tool jira to do card list assignment interaction dashboard task manager mentalstack
    View Task Management Tool
    Task Management Tool
  24. Deals Management Dashboard for Account Managers pipeline management accountant business chart digital analytics fireart studio fireart app product clean ux ui
    View Deals Management Dashboard for Account Managers
    Deals Management Dashboard for Account Managers
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