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  1. MediQR — Blood Examination View & Share share social piechart graph examination blood treatment medicine medical drug health app disease blue ui clean
    MediQR — Blood Examination View & Share
  2. #16 Dashboard Navigation infographic loader piechart chart list animation ui ux mobile dashboard
    View #16 Dashboard Navigation
    #16 Dashboard Navigation
  3. Project Management App Concept fintech account concept clean dashboad interface user management ux ui piechart team task chart product saas app project management app mobile motion ios
    View Project Management App Concept
    Project Management App Concept
  4. #18.3 Drag & Drop dashboard mobile ux dragdrop animation list edit mode settings piechart infographic
    #18.3 Drag & Drop
  5. Cake - Logo Animation bouncy text animation piechart pie cake icon motion graphics motion design motion logo animation logo gif branding animation alexgoo after effects ae 2d animation 2d
    View Cake - Logo Animation
    Cake - Logo Animation
  6. C letter logo draft vector explorations letter c piechart gradient stripes move arrow fly wing user human hr diagram relocation business b2b sketches identity branding logo
    View C letter logo draft vector explorations
    C letter logo draft vector explorations
  7. Multiple Intelligences application logical body building learning dashboard data illustration intelligences piechart application app
    Multiple Intelligences application
  8. NLP for Customer Feedback (WIP) customer experience dashboard data visualization sentiment analysis data management desktop report natural language insights filters text analytics chart graph interface ui pie chart piechart widget tags
    View NLP for Customer Feedback (WIP)
    NLP for Customer Feedback (WIP)
  9. Freebie — Finance Interface Elements ux ui uikit paypal mobile minimal piechart illustration icons icon freebie free elements download card credit card clean charts chart app
    View Freebie — Finance Interface Elements
    Freebie — Finance Interface Elements
  10. 📈 Data Based Task Manager icons tabletop colorful interactionlogic data approval chart ipad tablet mobile scroll tasks graph piechart dashboard interaction animation app ui ux
    View 📈 Data Based Task Manager
    📈 Data Based Task Manager
  11. Clearmove Final Logo custom typography business gradient hr human user letter c logo branding identity negative space relocation diagram wing piechart b2b sign mark stripes circle dynamic
    View Clearmove Final Logo
    Clearmove Final Logo
  12. Clearmove Approved Logo Sign dynamic circle stripes mark sign b2b piechart wing diagram relocation negative space branding identity logo letter c icon user human hr gradient business
    View Clearmove Approved Logo Sign
    Clearmove Approved Logo Sign
  13. Space/Dashboard Management principle hierarchy infographic piechart settings edit mode list animation dragdrop ux mobile dashboard
    View Space/Dashboard Management
    Space/Dashboard Management
  14. Tubular Data unfold explore piechart pie circles balls colorful shine illumination glow ios14 stats video tubular
    View Tubular Data
    Tubular Data
  15. Transport illustration piechart board plane app box chart statistic storage isometric minimal shadow transport truck ship forklift red flat branding vector illustration
    View Transport illustration
    Transport illustration
  16. Power BI GA layout typography black yellow data piechart swiss poster
    View Power BI GA
    Power BI GA
  17. 📈 Data Based Task Manager. Light Edition ux ui app animation interaction dashboard piechart graph tasks scroll mobile tablet ipad chart approval data interactionlogic colorful tabletop icons
    📈 Data Based Task Manager. Light Edition
  18. Cake - Logo Animation bouncy charts piechart sketches text animation icon motion graphics motion design motion logo animation logo gif branding animation alexgoo after effects ae 2d animation 2d
    View Cake - Logo Animation
    Cake - Logo Animation
  19. SEO icons part-1 (source) cash money sharma neel prakhar badge network battery connect share link target users piechart search logo sketch source icons seo
    View SEO icons part-1 (source)
    SEO icons part-1 (source)
  20. Monobank Dashboard product design money web ui piechart banking bank card pfm neobank black gradient monobank fintech dashboard
    View Monobank Dashboard
    Monobank Dashboard
  21. Illustration for marketing related section (WIP) grid website piechart search ipad illustrations statistics graph graphic design graphics money coin analyst traders market cryptocurrency ui sharma neel prakhar
    View Illustration for marketing related section (WIP)
    Illustration for marketing related section (WIP)
  22. 3D Icons dark red color soft yellow blue pink 3d animation pie chart piechart laptop bubble
    View 3D Icons
    3D Icons
  23. Spaceflow.io - Dashboard dark menu piechart stats posts apps web graph ui dashboard
    View Spaceflow.io - Dashboard
    Spaceflow.io - Dashboard
  24. Accounts Dashboard company profile stats statistics webapp webdesign reboot upsell user icons grids list view filter piechart trophies graphs accounts cards ux  ui ui dashboad
    Accounts Dashboard
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