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  1. ear + note logo design branding
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    ear + note
  2. Minidify App UI notebooks tag category blue write notebook todolist task notes note app ux typography ui vector icon minimal flat illustration design
    View Minidify App UI
    Minidify App UI
  3. Bird + Music Note
    View Bird + Music Note
    Bird + Music Note
  4. Actavia Music Scrobbler print notes accoustic sing song tune note sound tool defining methronome music musical packaging logotype logo brand sign branding identity brand identity
    Actavia Music Scrobbler
  5. A simple and lightweight note app product design ux ui sticky notes notes mobile app sketch
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    A simple and lightweight note app
  6. Mindify Logo notebooks blue identitydesign notebook expense tasks task notes note branding identity logo illustrator vector icon minimal flat illustration design
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    Mindify Logo
  7. Note Taking Mobile App notepad note notes note taking notes app ui ux design ui ux interface ui design ux ios figma kit app design ui app mobile creative design ui kit
    View Note Taking Mobile App
    Note Taking Mobile App
  8. NOTE10+ Test pencil samsung 10 galaxy note sketchbook illustration drawing sketch
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    NOTE10+ Test
  9. Note 10+ simple logodesign branding note galaxy conepts logo sketching
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    Note 10+
  10. Quick Note App Icon big sur icon madewithsketch sticky note big sur notes mac app macos big sur macos icon app icon app icon icons
    Quick Note App Icon
  11. music icons motion icon cassette microphone speaker note cd icons
    music icons
  12. Memo user users music player iphone ui social wave podcast note voice audio app
  13. Task composer interactions todo list todo input fluid note composer task desktop motion ui animation app
    Task composer interactions
  14. 📝 Notes App - Dark Mode daily ui folder dark theme notes app reminder note notes dark dark mode app mobile figma uidesign ux clean ui
    View 📝 Notes App - Dark Mode
    📝 Notes App - Dark Mode
  15. Mobile Notes App figma text editing note writing google light dark ux ui app docs diary notes mobile
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    Mobile Notes App
  16. Dyidoo tune musical note headfone music diy
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  17. scodo - Logo Design 🎼 creative logo design logo symbol notes music sheet s s monogram scodo publication musician smart logo gradient logo brand identity design visual identity design creative logo logo music composer composer music app note music
    View scodo - Logo Design 🎼
    scodo - Logo Design 🎼
  18. Icons ux icon ui icon user interface icon skeu skeuomorph skeuomorphism mac icon macos icon osx icon vinyl record music box booklet homework book notebook note fm music player smartisan sandor realistic app icon
  19. Note saving behavior for mymind
    View Note saving behavior for mymind
    Note saving behavior for mymind
  20. Elephant Notes | website note background、bandcards、ui clean web ui design
    View Elephant Notes | website
    Elephant Notes | website
  21. Evernote Podcast taking note evernote podcast
    View Evernote Podcast
    Evernote Podcast
  22. Borodino shako note borodino media
    View Borodino
  23. Note Taking App. study tag business time play task todo map voice note search gallery message details profile list ui mobile clean app
    Note Taking App.
  24. scodo - Logo Design 2 🎼 modern logo startup logo brand identity logo design branding wordmark s s monogram music note sound write compose tool smart app orange music symbol logo scodo
    scodo - Logo Design 2 🎼
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