Merit Badge

Inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

  1. Club Kiddo - Troop 247 merit badge patches nature badges scouts camping club kiddo troop 247
    View Club Kiddo - Troop 247
    Club Kiddo - Troop 247
  2. Chimpanion Patches merit badge merit scout camp camping patch patches mailchimp chimpanion
    View Chimpanion Patches
    Chimpanion Patches
  3. Camp NaNoWriMo Web Badges badge logo seal merit badge banner web participant design illustration lantern camping fire nanowrimo
    View Camp NaNoWriMo Web Badges
    Camp NaNoWriMo Web Badges
  4. Merit Badge Pins award wander roam medal woods enamel pin enamel pin merit badge
    View Merit Badge Pins
    Merit Badge Pins
  5. πŸ… winning gold reward merit badge monogram trophy geometric metallic play medal
    View πŸ…
  6. Big Shipper Merit Badge sticker impact big shipper ship illustration merit badge
    View Big Shipper Merit Badge
    Big Shipper Merit Badge
  7. Tired & Uninspired wilting uninspired tired flower sticker badges typography icon vector illustration branding covid-19 merit badge logo lockup type badge
    View Tired & Uninspired
    Tired & Uninspired
  8. Vader Merit Badge rebound merit badge
    View Vader Merit Badge
    Vader Merit Badge
  9. 100 Days Of Merit the100dayproject merit badge gif
    View 100 Days Of Merit
    100 Days Of Merit
  10. Working From Home Merit Badge - Got Dressed bsds merit badge vector graphic  design graphic monoline flat patch icon design illustration
    View Working From Home Merit Badge - Got Dressed
    Working From Home Merit Badge - Got Dressed
  11. you are awesome recognition prize award smiley face merit badge badge logo design vector character minimal line illustration
    you are awesome
  12. Party Fowl Merit Badge  party camper boyscout fowl party foul egg bird dirtybird campout camp merit badge
    View Party Fowl Merit Badge
    Party Fowl Merit Badge
  13. Designer Merit Badge 2 – BSDS Thunderdome freelance freelancers muted medal badge design conference call freelancer designer award designer humor award merit badge badge
    View Designer Merit Badge 2 – BSDS Thunderdome
    Designer Merit Badge 2 – BSDS Thunderdome
  14. Fantasy Football Merit Badge vector illustration icon logo sports draft football fantasy football nfl merit badge badge
    View Fantasy Football Merit Badge
    Fantasy Football Merit Badge
  15. Fort Fox Wilderness Camp illustration merit badge wilderness camping outdoors map script branding boy scouts invitation
    View Fort Fox Wilderness Camp
    Fort Fox Wilderness Camp
  16. Gibbs Smith Buttons 1 merit badge summer nook bag reading camping tent canoe backpack pack cabin pocket knife book buttons
    View Gibbs Smith Buttons 1
    Gibbs Smith Buttons 1
  17. Lake Point β€” Merit Badge patch canoe explore canada merit badge voyageurs
    View Lake Point β€” Merit Badge
    Lake Point β€” Merit Badge
  18. Moonrise Kingdom - Lighthouse Patch [GIF] patch moonrise kingdom wes anderson lighthouse merit badge badge
    View Moonrise Kingdom - Lighthouse Patch [GIF]
    Moonrise Kingdom - Lighthouse Patch [GIF]
  19. Designer Merit Badge 1 – BSDS Thunderdome bsds thunderdome badge design designer humor design awards designer layers pin medal merit badge award badge
    View Designer Merit Badge 1 – BSDS Thunderdome
    Designer Merit Badge 1 – BSDS Thunderdome
  20. Jackson Street Bridge Badge dirty south georgia merit badge jackson street bridge pin button city skyline vector atlanta
    View Jackson Street Bridge Badge
    Jackson Street Bridge Badge
  21. Undie Run Badge merit badge flat logo body acceptance csu colorado state university run college badge underwear
    View Undie Run Badge
    Undie Run Badge
  22. Tarot Cards Merit Badge witch spooky halloween scouts merit badge badge magic fortune cards horoscopes tarot
    View Tarot Cards Merit Badge
    Tarot Cards Merit Badge
  23. Merit Badges sticker merit badge illustration
    View Merit Badges
    Merit Badges
  24. Mad Scientist Merit Badge craft mad scientist dexter sticker illustration merit badge
    View Mad Scientist Merit Badge
    Mad Scientist Merit Badge
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